Battle log misses battles

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android 6

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I noticed two fights missing in my battle log.

  1. My brother encountered me in PVP and won against my team. It was my name, my guild and my stats he saw and it was logged in his battle log, but it was never shown in my battle log.
  2. I encountered in PVP a team far stronger then any team l’ve ever seen, see screenshot above and it is very hard to believe that a team can actually be that strong, so I made a screenshot. I cannot see a reason how the attack can be that large without any troop for boosting attack… Or the life… So when I wanted to see again who I attacked in my battle log, this match was missing and the number of game without loosing was not reset to 0. Level of the player was just 1103 and name was something like Olong, as far as I remember.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Twice. Two battles are missing from my battle log.

Steps to make it happen again
Play lots of PVP?

Judging from enemy stats you’re playing casual PvP with increased difficulty level.
Casual PvP doesn’t show up on battle logs.


I usually never play casual PVP, but it seems a reasonable explanation. Not sure how that happened…

The other missing log was definitely not casual and it was show in the log of the attacker, but not in the log of the defender (me)

Hey there, if you restart the game (completely close and reopen) is the team in the logs then? Sometimes if you’ve immediately checked it might not have added

Thanks for the advise. I did try a restart.

Sorry for the delay over the holiday seasons. Did this happen over Daily Reset (7 am GMT)? Also, do you remember the Guild or name of the player? I might be able to check this in our server logs.

Hi Cyrup,

Happy New Years!
This issue has been talked quite frequently within our guild families since we encourage inter-guild bashing :joy:

One would post a screenshot of the win and the other member wouldn’t see the defeat in the battlelog.

Interestingly we had in occasions where a defeated member encountered the offender not long after the screenshot to find there is no revenge battle assigned either.

Next time this happens i’ll provide some screenshots to you.

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That would be great! And if possible please send through the name of the member and the Guild. Thank you for adding your report as well.

Hi Cyrup,

I just forwarded you some screenshots (dm) me and my guild mate took not long ago.
Hope it helps in your investigation.

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@blablubbb is your brother also in your Guild?