Battery drain after 1.0.9

Ever since the update, the game drains my battery really fast, even playing while plugged in only slows it down.
Even after I close the game, I have to force stop the app otherwise the battery charges really slow.
I have a nexus 4, Android 5.1.1 stock, if that helps.

I’ve noticed same on my iPhone 5s… tho may just be I am playing it so much…

Noticed it too. Before i played 30 min to and from work each way and 45 min in the break and about 4 pvp matches over the shift. It drained my phone from full to 60-70%.
Now i sometimes have to stop using it before driving home. I rarely come home with more than 20% battery life.
Also the loading times “loading hero”, “blabla assets”, etc take longer (1,5-2x) on my phone and at my home gamer pc. This means obviously that there is more to load and therby drains more energy.

Using a Samsung S3 or a Motorola Razr, Windows 10 at home with good hardware.

As we add more features and menus into the game it could mean that it needs additional resources. However it could also be some memory leaks causing the issues.

Does anyone recognise themselves playing a different playing pattern to before? eg. do you enter and exit the Hero screen more often? Are there lots of chat logs coming up? Anything else that may be different?

We’ll look at optimising it for the next patch but any extra info will be much appreciated.

Also, it could very well be the chat. I’d be interested to know if disabling it for a short time helps.

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I do believe there might be some memory leaks : my phone can’t even run it anymore (well, it’s a low cost provisory phone…).
I used to be able to play normally before 1.0.8. After, it started to crash a bit when building teams. Now, with 1.0.9 it crashes almost every time I try to start a battle or browse the troop menu. Never finished a battle on my phone, I play exclusively on steam in the meantime.

I’ve never tried to disable the chat (don’t even know where the button is, if there is one), I’ll try to look into it tomorrow

I can run the game fine but I did notice the battery drains much faster now

I’ll disable the chat and see what happens, I’ll update later.

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Disabling the chat seems to help a bit, as in my phone doesn’t heat up like crazy while playing anymore, but the battery is still going down.

Yeah, I tried too, but hadn’t much time to. I seemed to be able to browse the troop menu and even the crafting menu without crashing. Didn’t try any battle yet.

I add my stone to this problem.

My phone lost 12 % of battery while doing 2 PvP game. Only 2.
Then 10 other % lost only by checking my units during 10 minutes (lower luminosity, it’s not the screen that consume the battery).

I’ve just started my day, and I’m already under 70 %. It’s just crazy.

Many errors while waking my phone, if I did not kill the app before. 2 times I needed to force a shutdown of my phone, to quit a permanent black screen.

It’s like a cutting-edge 3D game that would need too much ressources. But there’s quite no effects and animations are quite low. I don’t understand why GoW costs so much ressources, beside the fact it’s not optimized.

Please, look at this point :cry:

New player here (about a month). I turned chat off initially because it anoyed me on the map screen. When I joined a guild, I turned it back on.

With the chat off, I can go 2 days without charging my phone.

With the chat on, my battery does not last even one day.

So, confirmed! Chat negatively affects battery in a very bad way - unusable for me, really - i keep it turned off.