Barrier strobe animation is giving me seizures

Seriously, which refugee from bad 1990s web design thought it was a good idea to use a horrendously annoying pulse/flash animation to signal ‘barrier’, constantly attracting the eye while I’m trying to concentrate?

I have to resort to sticking a post it note over the flash icon in order to play the game any time this strobe is active. Please find a less irritating way of indicating that barrier is active, or at least, include an option to turn the bloody thing off.

This might be better off in Support rather than Chat if the animation is giving you a seizure. Also it might help the devs if you mentioned what kind of seizure you experience, to allow them to better asses how to possibly change the animation.


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@AngoraFish Are you truly epileptic or were you just exaggerating for the purpose of hyperbole?

I ask because I AM epileptic and it’s always interesting to meet others like me and share experiences.

No offense taken if you are simply irritated and not actually seizing. :wink:

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My apologies. As you surmise, the post was intended to be amusingly hyperbolic. Clearly things didn’t come across as clearly as I had imagined and I’m sorry if it appeared to be in any way disrespectful or inconsiderate.

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@AngoraFish As I predicated in my reply, I took no offense. I love a good hyperbole! And often jest about my own condition. It always makes me smile when I boot up a game and that warning “flashes”, pardon the pun, warning about seizures. I am fortunate that light patterns are not a trigger for me.

After all, it is a bit of joke in and of itself to be a hardcore epileptic gamer! :smile:

Happy Hunting @AngoraFish!!