Barbarian build

What’s the best Talents and Team for Barbarian?

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For a second i thought this was a Dnd forum
for Barbarian, I would say Ferociry/ Counter attack/ Root Trap/ Either Aura (depend on team)/ Vengence/ Lighting Strike/ Anything

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I would have to check my build from before. I got Barbarian to 54 and haven’t played it since, because this game is geared towards the nasty and tricksy Elvses. (I have both Orbweaver and Monk to 100).

I do remember Barbarian was first, with Drake Rider second. Gar’Nok fourth for the 50% start. Cyclops, Fel’Dras for Red overflow third. Fist of Zorn is an option as well, but it gets rid of Yellow, same as Drake Rider.

Edit: Doomed Crossbow works best in my opinion. Banish the Blues. I went with Ferocity/Perfect Aim for the Bow/Root Trap/Storm Aura/Vengeance, and will go with Lightning Strike at 70. 100s are basically irrelevant. Are there elemental Orcs?