I need a Hero build challenge

The team you build must contain your hero. the weapon must obviously be included but also so does the class of your hero and 3 other troops. Any synergy or bonuses the troops due and weather you use traits on any of the team would be nice. Also what is your banner for the team. You guys don’t need me to give you all this info for you guys to know what to do but i feel like it is necessary to say what all is required out of ocd reasons. So let us see what hero builds are being used and which ones are the best and possible worst.

Stone Giant***
Warlord Hero with Staff of Madness or Burning Scythe

Use the third perk to make the hero a giant to get super uber bonuses (4 giants, 4 broken spire troops = +10 life +4 attack)

Cruscendo, warlord, Tactics +4 attack, no traits
Lord of gears bonus. +2 armor to all troops for having 2 adana troops
Banner of progress +1 to red +1 to yellow

This is my pvp-soulfarming-setup:

Knight Coronet***
Prismatic Orb, Knight, Sword´s Edge (+2 armor, +2 life to front tank)

Stronger Knight themed setup also for pvp-soulfarming:

Knight Coronet*** 18+ double dmg
Griffon Knight*** 22 dmg + yellow gems
Prismatic Orb, Knight, Sword´s Edge (+8 armor, +2 life, +1 attack to all knights)

Prismatic Orb gives +15 armor to the two armored tank for long sustain.