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Archer build

What’s the best Talents and Team for Archer?

Hunt, Leafstorm, Root Trap, Dodge are its main attractions. While the third trait of Archer is crazy awesome.

The Wild Queen mythic troop is widely used along with Archer for Explore level 12 runs.

That was general advice, of course. Team suggestions would be better if you reveal more details like level, available mythics/legendaries etc.


Didn’t level have nothing to do with characters available on account?

Also, i wanted a suggestion from someone who has all charactes available on account.

Your level gives other players a rough estimation of what they can expect you to (maybe) have, so it’s not irrelevant.

Below level 500 you are very new and likely to have nothing good. It’s to be expected. If you have Cedric and/or the Rowanne/Shield of Urskaya combo, you’re in good shape to get out of this phase quickly.

Between level 500 and 1000, I assume a person maybe has a single class at 100 and no more than a handful of mythics, useful or not. But by now the player (hopefully) has some good legendaries; if so, welcome to the midgame, when you can clear daily content.

1000-1200 is highly variable territory: people in good guilds are near the endgame. People not in good guilds might as well be early midgame in terms of progression.

1200+, assuming the player knows what s/he is doing, is an endgamer — close to complete collections, factions, and kingdoms.

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Gah, I am missing 4 troops. I am probably out of the panel I guess. :roll_eyes:

Just kidding, <what @Magnusimus said above>.

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