Bans in chat rooms

when people report other players for conduct in chat room do they consider it could be someone causing trouble for the ones they do not like and try to get them in trouble or is there an investigation done before they get banned


Since this seems to be a recurring problem for you, I would strongly suggest blocking the account that is harassing you. I would also block any accounts associated with said account.

Out of sight, out of mind — good luck, have fun :vulcan_salute:

EDIT: Also if a false report is filed against you, it is the reporter rather than you who will be punished, so don’t be afraid of someone if they’re threatening to report you for no reason. You won’t catch a ban unless you violate the rules.

i was not banned it was some friends of mine that was

thankyou it is much appreciated’

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Then that friend violated the rules, and my suggestion to you changes to “Get better friends.”

EDIT: and I don’t mean that flippantly or harshly. I just mean that people who are rude enough in chat to get in trouble are probably not the people that are worth your time or friendship. You can do better.

thankyou just trying to understand everything

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The ongoing saga of the kid confessing his love continues?


I recommend moving on to the chat app Line, and then use cute Cony and Brown stickers to wooo them with.


We also look at the context in which someone has been reported. If someone was harassing someone to make them break out guidelines we may also ban them.


Some players have so many ALTs that it is impossible to know who the true protagonists are. If they are intent on baiting, button pushing et al then no amount of blocking will end the harassment. The devs cannot possibly view things in context in these situations because one person plus his guild mates can gang up on one player using various fake persona. Its often the wrong people who get banned.

People that allow themselves to be baited also deserve their bans.

Show some self-control, report only when necessary, and you’ll always come out ahead :man_shrugging:


Out of curiosity, I counted my block list yesterday. It has grown quite a bit since Xbox had that promo code…402.

Block button so easy to press, I did it 2 more times today. 404. My goal is 505. I hear it’s good to have goals.

Trolls gotta work harder if they want to goad me into a ban. I don’t even report, that’s an extra click or two, and I already do enough extra clicking in Explore. And Campaign. So yeah, no fear of ban for ‘false reporting’. Fail trolls fail again.


I take it 1 step further. I don’t have a single person on my block list because I just don’t go to global unless it’s absolutely necessary to recruit. Can’t be baited at all if the trolls never see you and can’t ever mis-report someone if you never see the trolls!


i’m doing same, but i’ve joined an empty channel on global and noticed all old messages are being cleared after ~35 days

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i do understand and thankyou for replies i do appreciate it very much just trying to understand alot of things also forgot the most important thing people that get in trouble do not always tell truth to make it look like they are the innocent one instead of the bad person we always learn or remember when we ask questions even if they seem stupid thankyou agian

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