🛡 Audles - Rank 43 - Casual but Dedicated players welcome [FULL]


We still have 1 spot open.


Hello, I’d like to apply.
Lvl 340, I’m very active and looking for a quality guild to imprive and have fun. I can fulfill all requierments weekly no problem.


Welcome aboard, @systemize!


We have a spot open on our roster this week so if you’re looking for a great new home and fun bunch of players to hang out with, let us know!


Yes, a tini spot. Right???


Hey Presto.

The day we have to fill @tini’s spot is the day I retire! :slight_smile:

Hopefully we can fill the one we’ve got though before this weeks Guild War.
Still open, everyone. :crossed_fingers:


LOL @tini just kills it every week.


I would like to join Audles but should finish GW week with my current guild. If you still have a spot on Monday, please consider me.


Hey @negatus. Thanks for the response.

I know @tini is in PM’s with someone but it’s night where she is so I haven’t gotten to talk with her about that. Whichever way it pans out though, one of us will definitely follow up with you.


We’ve had a member step down this week so there’s a spot open on our roster if you’re looking for a great new home.

Let us know!


A new home in Exile???


We still have 1 spot open, come join us. :smiley:


Hey. I am only 218 level playing. I make 1500 free seals. but I bring gold so far 300-350k. but soon I can and more.


Hi @Irina.

I just got in and saw your post but it seems that while I was out we had a retired member, who had stuck with us on Discord, decide to rejoin our roster.

I’ll make sure to contact you first the next time we have an opening!


Спасибо. Буду ждать.