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Come join Audles!
If you’re looking for a casual atmosphere and an established group of dedicated players, you’ve come to the right place.

Rank 141
League: God 2,819.880+ trophies
Guardian levels 200
Guild Wars bracket 10-11

We complete all 6 Tasks every week and several epic tasks. We have no requirements for the weekly events, except full GW participation but we’re always pushing for the top rewards.


200k Gold
100 Trophies
1000 Seals on Mythic weeks
Full Guild Wars participation
Discord mandatory

We have a great group of veteran members who far exceed our minimums every week, simply for the love of the game and the guild, making for a very stress-free environment when it comes to hitting our numbers. If you’re unable to meet your goals for a given week, just post it in our Vacation thread on Discord and we’ve got you covered.

We have a very active set of Discord channels to take advantage of with an amazing group of guild mates communicating and helping out every day. We also host shared spreadsheets to help with team building and to track our weekly goals and every Sunday night I post our weekly Rundown to keep everyone up to date on where we’re at and what to expect in the week to come.

We’ve made a great little home here at Audles that goes well beyond the match-3 game it was built upon. With 19 members currently on the roster who have been with us for more than a year and most of those are nearing three and even four years, that’s the sort of atmosphere we uphold every day.

Casual but dedicated.

Hopefully this all sounds like something you’d like to be a part of. If so, leave us your invite code and any other information about yourself or your gameplay that you think might be relevant and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Updated - 08/08/21


We were able to fill the available spot internally so recruitment is currently closed.

If you’d like to join our Wait-list please leave us a note.

Unfortunately, we had a member step down today and find ourselves with a spot available.

If you’re looking for an active group to enjoy the game with, drop by and give us a shot.

one spot still vacant.

One spot available!

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We are back to full strength again so recruitment is closed for now.

Please consider joining our waitlist, though, if you think Audles would be a good fit for you. We’ll always contact anyone who has shown interest when a spot becomes available.

Hello Audles, I would like to join the waitlist. Hope to play with you again :slight_smile:

Hey Blue!
I will let our recruiter know you are interested.
Take care!

We are looking to fill a few spots, so if you are intersted please leave your info and we will contact you soon :hugs:

Welcome home, Blue.

We’re still evaluating another couple spots so please speak up if you think Audles would be a good home for you.

One of our long-time members has offered to step down for the time being due to rl workload so we have one spot available this week.

We’re coming off a great week with all tasks, multiple legendaries, 40k and moved up to GW Bracket 3.
Come join us!

That was quick.

We’re back to a full roster.
Make sure to contact me if you’d like to get on the waitlist. I’ll always contact anyone who has before I open recruitment.

Hey, give Kroy back :stuck_out_tongue: jk

I’m sure he’ll be happier in a more competitive guild. Just last week, his contriutions were amazing! Nice addition to your team :wink:

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Dang… sniped and found. Mako, can’t thank you enough for The Outcasts and support :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone.

Unfortunately, we’ve lost touch with a long-standing member so I’m going to go ahead and open up recruitment to try to fill that spot before Reset.

So, if you’re looking for an active, friendly guild to hang out with while you play, just let me know.

Got a great PM just now so recruitment is closed for the time being.

If you feel like you missed out, let me know and I’ll get you on the waiting list for next time.

Audles has a spot open again today for someone looking for a good balance of casual and competitive.

We’ve got a great group and a fun and active Discord.
Come join the team!

New player (Level 96) but I’m a long time fan of Puzzle Quest so I’m falling for this game hard. Looking for an actually active guild. I joined one yesterday but it’s full of inactives.

I’m really enjoying the depth of the game and reading forums and watching youtube videos to learn more.

In the past day I have 300 trophies, 50k donations and maxed my guild seals. I don’t think I’ll have much trouble hitting your requirements.

If an enthusiastic newer player is a good fit for your guild, I’d be happy to join! And if not, I totally get it!


Edit: found the link to this post on Reddit, if that matters

Hi, Jondank! I will let our recruiter know you are interested and he will contact you soon.

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Audles has a couple spots open this week for anyone looking for a great group to game with.

No matter where the game takes us we’re doing our best to hold strong and keep it fun so come join us … and bring a friend!