Audio: Victory music reset prematurely

This one has been present for a long time but I’ll report it anyway…

Encountered on: Switch (but possibly occurs on all platforms with touchscreen/mouse capability)

Screenshot or video capture: (available if needed)

Description: If you win a battle while clicking on a card to inspect the troop, the victory music cuts out and the combat music re-triggers and persists (until either starting a new battle or returning to the World Map screen).

Example setup: I often run Alchemist+Banshee for grinding Souls which typically goes something like this:
1 - Late in the battle there is only one foe remaining, who is weakened enough that basically any spell or attack will kill it.
2 - I wait for a strategic setup so Alchemist can create a match of 5 Yellow Gems; with a Yellow+2 banner, this is a minimum of enough Mana to completely fill Banshee (and often creates several matches, making it enough even without a Yellow banner).
2 - I have Alchemist spellcast, and during the spell’s animation I click on Banshee in preparation of the Mana Surge and Extra Turn I lined up.
3 - However, the Yellow matches set off a combo which includes a few Skull Gem matches, so my lead troop attacks and defeats the enemy while I have Banshee’s spell page still onscreen. (Critically, I need to click on Banshee’s card any time before the last enemy is defeated)
4 - The victory icon appears and I win the battle as normal – no harm no foul – but the music quickly switches back to standard combat music.

More details
This appears to occur ONLY with touchscreen inputs (also possibly mouse?), as the button inputs to inspect a card (e.g. L+button, R+button) are suppressed any time you do not have access to the board (e.g. during the opponent’s turn or spell animations), but touchscreen inputs are generally always enabled. Which is actually a neat little feature to have, as I don’t need to wait for my turn if I want to inspect the details on a card (or if I’m in a hurry to cast a spell).