[Reported] Victory Music keeps playing indefinitely

Platform: v6.9.0 Switch (but possibly multiplatform)

Issue: For as long as I’ve played this game (two years?) I’ve noticed a small audio quirk: every time you end a battle (by victory, defeat, or forfeit alike), whatever music track that was playing at the end of battle just … keeps playing. It doesn’t revert back to the game’s main Map theme until you return to the World Map screen, or if something else (like a subsequent battle) forces a change in music.

Now, with the 6.9 update released, the music never returns to the main Map theme AT ALL:

  • If I win a battle, the Victory theme continues playing … indefinitely.
  • If I was defeated, the Defeat theme continues playing … indefinitely.
  • If I quit out of the battle, the battle music continues playing … indefinitely.

It also affects the following:

  • If I play a run of Treasure Hunt, the Treasure Hunt theme continues playing … indefinitely. (Which actually isn’t so bad considering this is a very chill theme to listen to.)
  • If I’m selecting/editing a team for use in certain modes (such as Trials) but return to the map, the “prep” theme continues playing indefinitely.
  • If I craft a Gnome-a-Palooza, when the timer expires (presumably when not in battle) the Gnome music keeps playing. Indefinitely!

This really just is a case of the game failing to reassert the main (Map) theme upon returning to the World Map. Still, it’s a regression from all previous versions and definitely belongs in that lovely category of “how did something THIS captain-obvious-level-of-obvious somehow not get noticed/fixed prior to beta?”

I can include video footage if desired – though it really is immediately noticeable…

Minor update: Treasure Hunt music also continues playing indefinitely after returning to the World Map, when previously the World Map theme would be reasserted.

(Again, I can supply video footage if desired)

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Thanks @Stratelier the team are already looking into this, no video necessary but thank you very much for offering!