Attn: dhjl (PVP Related)

Thanks for showing me that my team layout is almost on par with one of yours (sans Sheggra).

Any particular reason you arranged them in that way?

I am not @dhjl (who is a very experienced player and will no doubt share some views), but here’s my contribution.

Some immediate feedback strikes me:

  • put Venoxia top (for the attack buff)
  • put Alchemist above Shadow Dragon (if Shadow Dragon dies, Alchemist is useless to you, as you no longer collect yellow)
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Actually, there’s not much to say. It was based off of a suggestion by a guildmate. (@RiverSong)
I don’t remember the exact lineup, but it gets pretty good results so I’ve been using it ever since.

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I had Alchemist in that position specifically as bait for backstabbers, but you may be right in putting it before Shadow Dragon. Backstabbers don’t seem to be as prevalent at the moment. Thanks @Jainus!

Backstabbers are quite common at low levels when people have just gotten Ferit and he is their best card. But later on they become far less common.

My original lineup was Gloomleaf, Gorgotha, Shadow Dragon and Crimson Bat. Not as effective now because no team bonuses. And, @Kairyu probably doesn’t have all those legendaries yet, but for reference when you do get them.


No, not that team! :sweat_smile:
I was referring to one you posted in guild chat shortly after Green Slime was released.

@dhjl Sorry, my mistake. That one was Green Slime, Shadow Dragon, Bone Dragon and Venoxia.