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Assonance Guild Recruiting, current rank 225

Hey everyone, we are currently seeking 2 or 3 active members who can meet and potentially exceed our requirements and expectations.

All we currently ask is 50k gold 50 trophies and 600 seals a week. Myself and a few other members usually donate far more than this (at least 400k and max seals). Our main focus is just having everyone play at their own pace and enjoying the guild. We just need active members.

If you like the sound of our guild please get in touch here or message my psn and ill get back to you as soon as possible.


Psn - Notorious-P-T-B

Bumpy bump :grinning:

If you have an open in your guild I’d be happy to be able to join. I’m above level 200 and working on leveling my kingdoms. I’ve hit max guild seals since I started playing and the last two guild wars I won all matches.
Right now I’m in a guild that has max members but only 8 are active (including myself).
I’m looking just for a more active guild. The 10K weekly is no problem.