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Assonance recruiting, new guild with good prospects

My friend and I started a guild last week and we are gradually climbing the rankings, she is in the #2 guild on mobile ios and I was until recently in the #2 guild on ps4. We wanted to make a guild were people dont need to feel bound by requirements if they have other commitments like work or family etc.

We both play weekly and are looking for any active members without a guild. There are no minimum requirements aslong as you donate what you can be it 50k a week or 300k a week you decide. Just play at your own pace.

If this sounds interesting to you then by all means come join us or let me know and ill get invites sorted for you.


That’s a great attitude and it’s worked very well for us too. Good luck with the recruitment.

Thanks mate you too :+1:

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I am looking for such guild:) If offer is still available my login is Baseeks … or if any other info is necessary, let me know:)

Definetly mate just give me your invite code from the guild screen and ill invite as soon as I’m online, heading home from work just now :slight_smile:

It’s ‘BASEEKS_8T2M’ and I’ll accept as soon as I’m online… which won’t be any time soon since I am at work right now:)

Invite sent, no worries mate like I said in the main post just play at your own pace. Welcome to Assonance :slight_smile:

Still looking for members. Bump

Hmm for past two weeks we advanced around 2k positions in the ranking… Still looking:)