Assonance Recruiting (updated)

Hello everyone, Assonance guild is looking for 2 active members who can contribute at least 50k gold and 50 trophies minimum a week. We would also appreciate guild war participation although this is not a requirement.

We are a fun loving guild and understand that we all have needs and duties outside of gaming. So we are pretty fair if people have to be inactive for a while.

Aslong as you contribute and have fun, we’ll get along great. If our guild sounds like it would suit you then feel free to reply to me here or via psn Notorious-P-T–B

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I would like to join ive bin in the ranked 24 guild Vendeta but could manage enough time to get all req… Your guild seems fare to manage.

Also im level 205 and play guild wars.

Don’t lnow my invite code 100% itd Art-Of-TacTicZz_9XGZ i think but you can add me on ps4 and i will send it again. Thx

Thanks for replying mate, ill add you when i log on today :slight_smile:

I’ll add you now mate :grin:

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Whats your psn mate and ill add you

I’m sorry I forgot to read that your clan is ps4 while I’m pc version. Meybe I was so desperately searching for an active clan. Sorry. :frowning:

Ah no worries haha, good luck finding a guild mate.

Still looking for active members

bumping this up

Still looking for players? I canit play guild war everyday but can contribute gold and seals. Looking for guild that understands that. I am level 527. Thanks!

Sorry for the delayed reply, yeah gemgirl we are still looking for 1 or 2 more active players if you are interested?

Thanksor the details. I joined another guild in the meantime. Wishing you good luck. :grinning:

Good luck to you too mate :grin:

We now have a new recruitment thread here

Please post here if interested.