Ascension problem

Why cant i use my last card to infuse? If it says i need 5/5 to ascend then why the heck do i really need 6? If i need 6 of a card to ascend then change the sacrifice to 6/6 instead of 5/5. Maybe this is stupid and just my OCD annoying me. But it is driving me crazy that it says i need 5/5 to ascend when really i need 6.

I’m not sure where you’re going with this. Would you like to sacrifice all the copies of a troop and be left without it? Doesn’t make much sense in my opinion. You need 5 to ascend AND the 6th to still have the troop after ascending. But you sacrifice only 5 of them.

Yes, you need 6.

Don’t worry, it drove all of us nuts.

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where i’m going is that the ascend process is misleading. I’m over it now, but i’m new to the game and got really excited when I got 5 Ultra rares so i could finally ascend it to an Epic card. But then while ascending it says 5x5 of troops required. Well i had 5 but its still saying screw you your last card doesn’t count. If i have 3 Blue eyes White Dragons and i want to sacrifice them to make the Bad ass Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon with 3 heads. Yugioh doesn’t say JK, your dragon gets 2 heads cause u need a 4th card we didn’t tell you about.

I’m just expressing my frustration with the misleading Ascension process nothing more. This is a Forum isn’t it

Agree it’s a little misleading… thinking of it as sacrificing some to power up those that remain… and welcome to the game!

Tbh, I see no problem in ascending using up all your copies as long as you confirm that’s what you want.
Eg I ascend a Goblin from Common to Rare and I don’t mind waiting to get a next Goblin before being able to use that Rare Goblin, perhaps because I’m not currently using it anyways.
But definitely with a warning that you’re using up your last troop first.

On the other hand, it will directly affect your kingdom star level so it’s a bad thing to do for most players.

I think it’s to protect players from themselves. Much cleaner to just disable the ability. Both easier to implement and certainly avoids support tickets that you know folks would submit despite any warning.

lol my issue wasn’t with the copies being used up. My issue was the game saying u need 5 of the same card to Ascend when really you need 6

i think instead of thinking about how many need to ascend, it really means you need to spend 5 to ascend. SPEND is the key word there. not have but spend. (or 10 or 25 or 50 or 100)

[quote=“Kharybdys, post:6, topic:4873, full:true”]
Tbh, I see no problem in ascending using up all your copies as long as you confirm that’s what you want.[/quote]

But… what for? In case of disenchanting it makes some sense - you can be in dire need of those 10 souls after all ;), but in case of ascending it gives you nothing, while…

What you talk about would not be ‘ascending’ but ‘fusing’ troops. So if you had 5 commons you would fuse them into 1 rare card. Imo this would also mean that you need 10 of the next rarity to fuse them to a ultra rare, thus needing 50 commons to fuse into 10 rares to fuse into 1 ultra rare, which would be insane, cause it would then need (5x 10x 25x 50x 100x =) 6.25 million commons to get a single mythic. Not to mention it would also need the troop list to contain every single rarity for every single card at the same time.