As Requested by a Dev: A Thread about Devs' Actions/Inactions

I am so sorry you feel this is a good use of your time and energy. But feel free to carry in, as you no doubt will.


Once a bug has been determined to be Not A Bug, what is the preferred step process? Should I open a Feature Request and Game Feedback thread? Or Strenuously Object in the Bug report? I ask because @Mithran made a thorough argument why a bug deemed not a bug is a bug, and I hope it receives the attention it deserves. Thank you.

Objection overruled? I strenuously object. Please take some time to reconsider.


I agree with @AMT developers remove what they don’t like or what proves their lack of ability to solve any problems with the game
I somehow created a topic about cheaters and what did they do? they deleted topics, erased quotes, and I didn’t see a solution to the problem, but they erased everything so as not to harm your reputation


If you truly feel that way then you probably shouldn’t play the game. I dunno, bro… when I’m not happy with game or it’s developers I usually just stop playing the game. Sounds crazy but that’s just me.


It is an unintended behaviour (aka ‘bug’) indeed, arising from poor programming implementation when the x4 speed was introduced: however, the devs have decided to label it ‘not a bug’ to avoid having to deal with it. It is not the first nor the last time that such an approach is used to justify inconsistencies (e.g. the Great Maw+Copycat ‘non-bug’ [Not a Bug] Great Maw + Copycat bug ).

PS: I have replied in this thread to try and avoid having this comment deleted by the ‘Bug Reports Section’ Biased Police.


30 hours later…

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I guess when pandas get sad, they stop looking like pandas(faction pet)


the art for that troop rlly seems like they took a portrait of salty and mixed it with a panda xD

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Red panda I think is the inspiration

In my whole life I’ve never seen or heard of one
But there is, and I stand corrected

‘Streaky RNG’ is an oxymoron: the mere fact that this term would be postulated by the Devs would be very telling.

Definitely not something the playerbase should embrace as ‘acceptable’ under any circumstances, since it would mean things are broken/rigged.
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This was originally posted as a response in that thread, but then realized it’s the Bug Reports section and rather avoid giving the Devs any further excuse to censor players.


I was going to suggest that perhaps the LT drop table was adjusted to bring LT rewards more in line with the intended value of 1mil gold.

But those rewards didn’t look worth 1mil gold to me, especially after the Epic Task pay wall and gold nerfs. I hate it for y’all.


Red Pandas:


October/November 2019: Portal Drop Rates - the Ignoring, the Deceit, and what it takes for the Playerbase to be Heard.

Back in October 2019, one of the most mathematical minds to grace these forums posted that


He proceeded to create a very comprehensive post demonstrating beyond reasonable doubt that there was a problem with the drop rates ( Chaos Portal drop rate displays are incorrect (and the math that shows why, and what to do about it) ): given the Devs’ history of dismissing player feedback, particularly when it relates to drop rates’ programming shortcomings, he started his post with “Before you change this to [Not a Bug] without reading because it is about drop rates, this is math backed and the rates displayed aren’t even close to what is being sampled.”

In a second thread by Mithran aimed at Data Gathering ( Data Gathering - Portal Drop Rates ), a Dev posted that

followed by

in a post of her own where she’s trying to navigate the situation now that they could no longer ignore it ( Portal Drop Rates - the Why, the How, and the Solution ). Said current drop rates would be closer to a 45-55, instead of the currently displayed 70-30.

Shortly afterward, mortr spotted that the displayed drop tables had been marginally changed while retaining the 70-30 ratio, thus contradicting the Dev’s claim that things would be adjusted to the expected 45-55 ( Portal Drop Rates - the Why, the How, and the Solution - #41 by mortr).

Despite the Dev’s earlier assertion and reiteration ‘several times’, they had decided to do something else and effect the Ninja Nerf to the detriment of the Playerbase. It would seem that such deceit and blatantly going back on their word is not considered ‘morally wrong’ enough for the Devs to not engage in such practices ( [Not a bug] Repeat Legendary Tasks - #28 by Saltypatra ).

Fortunately in this case the backlash from the Playerbase was strong enough to nudge the devs’ morality gauge back to implement their previous promises.

As it stands, the Devs will listen to the Playerbase when cornered either by facts/data and/or the sound of wallets closing up on them.



Interesting thread. Actually the only interesting one on this forum.

About devs inactions, here a tragic exemple to demonstrate that “free to play” game concept is in video games what McDonalds is in gastronomy…

About the French version of this game, I am trying to have a translation mistake corrected since soon 1 year with 4 or 5 times asking again about it but nope, either this whole devs group (where probably none of them speak french anyway) or the poor (lets stay polite) french translator they have hired are able to understand and correct this mistake.

So as a result, all the french translation mistakes I now detect, I keep them for me and will never write them here.
I have actually around 10-15 mistakes that needs to be corrected in the French version. And that number is without a full analysis of all the troops and things in the game. By doing so, the number would probably approach 30 or 40. Crazy to think that this translator never ever did a full analysis like that to at least correct all the most easy mistakes! He would realize for exemple without any difficulty that in the forge, the 3 weapons with the name Xathénos have all this name written differently…just one exemple amongst many…just the lowest level of translation and care you can imagine. Pathetic.

A last exemple (not on the french translator this time):
in class event, on the highest levels, the screen still display the 5 battles points as 80, 80, 82, 85 and 85 when in reality the points you receive are 50, 50, 52, 55 and 55 for a total of 262 points per block of 5 battles.
About 2 years after the start of this class event mode, this have never been corrected. Just insane when you think about it!


I feel you: many of us have tried offering assistance in translations and even English consistency: the response from the Devs is ‘no because (insert ever-changing excuse here), we’re on it’.

More than a year has gone by in your example, so surely they must have been on it quite some time!

They claim ‘not a priority’; they claim ‘the validation process involves multiple parties’; they claim ‘expensive to revisit, so doing in bulk’…

…the inaction speaks for itself.


Re: battles points received: I never thought the 80/80/82/85/85 was the points you received. I always thought it was the level of the troops you’re fighting. Anybody else think that, or do you agree with @anon43026234?

Im not refering to the number above with the little crown. Im refering to the number below the troops name. (in the screen that show the 5 battles selection)
Below the troop names is written a number followed by the word “points”, so its clear its refered as points. Its written 80 points, 80 points, 82 points, 85 points and 85 points.

At least its like that on the French version/Xbox.

Now if its a mistake concerning only Xbox or only French version, I have no doubt that it wont ever be fixed.

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My apologies. I misunderstood which numbers you were referring to.


So I was doing some PvP, and 17 minutes after reset I went back to the main screen, to find out that apparently the last 17 minutes of PvP kills did not count towards my daily adventure 100 kills.
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