As Requested by a Dev: A Thread about Devs' Actions/Inactions

Did you reload at reset?

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It was right after the daily rewards screen, so the game decided that my reset was arnd 17 minutes after the actual reset.

I then restarted to see if it would count the kills:

And then I decided to do the adventures to see if the kills in the 17 minutes would count once I added some kills:

So apparently ‘reset time’ is a bit of a flexible term in this case… If only the same applied when we are doing the last pet rescue/event level and go over by a few minutes…
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This kind of bug plagues F2P games and as a dev I don’t really get it. It makes the games that go down for 10-15 minutes at rollover look a lot smarter.

But I know this has happened to people before and part of the ancestral GoW knowledge is the golden rule, “Make sure to restart the game at reset or weird things happen.” Why the game doesn’t encode that rule I don’t know.

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I was under the impression pointing out bugs was not the purpose of this thread, but rather report on the in/actions of the devs when these bugs are presented to them?

If this bug was reported, and the official response was that it is not important enough to be fixed, then I would believe a post here would be warranted.


Feedback on bugs is welcome too, since hopefully here they will not delete the corresponding comments that they may dislike.

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An excellent thread effort on Dev’s accountability with the corresponding sources: here’s to hoping the community keeps on remembering not to forget.
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So apparently Devour can’t break through Barrier now…

As a matter of fact, devour has never (EDIT: for as long as I’ve been playing) been able to bypass barrier.

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They’ve had almost 2 years to fix the text to reflect the Barrier/Devour interaction.

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It did, then it didn’t.
Whether it should is up for debate: the wording, however, has the level of clarity we have come to expect.
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This is what Devour does:

  • For each target:
    • If it is already dead:
      • Stop.
    • If it has Barrier:
      • Remove it and stop.
    • If it is not cursed:
      • Activate “when devoured” related traits.
      • (Can someone test this? I have a feeling the interaction is more complex, this seems unintended. There’s a funky bit before this I don’t totally understand, the mists are cloudy.)
    • If it is immune:
      • Stop.
    • If it is not immune:
      • Do the Devour thing.

The way the mists form to reveal this information implies, to me, the devs intend for Devour to remove barrier.

I think the relevant feedback for @Saltypatra here is I’m looking for what Devour does in the game guides and the information is scattered. It’d be nice to have Devour documented somewhere to note that yes, it should remove barrier but NOT kill the troop, and that for the purposes of traits that care, “being devoured” counts as “receiving a status effect”.


Originally, when you devoured a barrierd troop, you would also gain the barrier.


That is true. I remember after Celestasia was buffed people started running her in defense teams like crazy. It was fun devouring her with Maw and Maw then gaining the barrier. :joy:


I think the devouring troop should inherit the positive or negative effects on the devoured troop.


Do the Devs get to see who Flags a post, and evaluate if the Flagger deserves to keep having Flagging rights?
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54 hours after Mythic Release, finally got the in-game notification:


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Logged in an hour later to collect tribute, and just in case I had forgotten about it:

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Remember all those weapons you worked hard to unlock while advancing your Gem Masteries?
Or that nice feeling when you finally crafted Dawnbringer?
How about being able to choose any weapon you liked (the word ‘like’ is important here, for it is gradually being cast aside by the devs), to try to use all your sigils without having to grind inefficiently for hours on end?

Enter Council of Chiefs!: where repetitive grinding with limited choice of troops and weapons is the new future (maybe classes too since it would be ‘in line’ with their current direction: just ask Sunspear what s/he thinks about when devs readjust non-broken things to make them ‘in line’ with their views :sweat_smile: )!

Buy some extra tiers if you want the same rewards you used to get! You get to spend some extra time with less enjoyable team setups too!



I think you might wanna take a break from the game, bro.


Not sure my posts are so far off from the general playerbase’ feeling as to seem particularly abnormal: they do however seem to be enough to elicit a warning that I received from a moderator yesterday.

As it was completely unfounded (and possibly biased, seeing the comparative tone of others’ posts in the forum vs what triggered the ‘warning’), I’m waiting for the response to the resulting ticket I sent (as advised by said moderator) to see if at least higher up the ladder there’s anyone who is willing to treat their customers in a slightly more objective manner.

In short: since a warning can be issued on a whim, I expect a ban would be issued ‘in line’ with said philosophy, and therefore a ‘break’ from the forums may be indefinitely forced upon me.
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