As Requested by a Dev: A Thread about Devs' Actions/Inactions

No. Apparently from what was stated they looked at it only after the Beta Testers also reported they felt the drop rates weren’t accurate. Then, they increased the chances but chose to try and hide it from public knowledge.

You say the efforts of the forum users was a minuscle sample, and yet the sample provided by the Beta Testers is even smaller, so by any logic you chose to apply the devs should, again, disregard the same type of feedback.

So far the ONLY data we have available was provided by the players, and instead of confronting it and trying to reassure the players the devs are chosing (poorly) to go radio silent, and letting things escalate.


As far as I know, this statement is not correct. Kafka posted in the forums that the drop rates would be looked at, and adjusted if necessary. The beta testers asked if they had been adjusted, the response was yes, and so I posted as much in some other thread.


Thanks for clarifying. So I stand corrected on the matter of when the devs decided to investigate the drop rates.

But still, official word about tweaking the chances could have been done in the forums. It would have played in their favor, even if people wouldn’t be happy because the results are still nowhere even close to the supposed 10%, but the more they show they are tailoring and investiganting the matter the better.

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To be clear, I still think the devs are mistaken about the drop rates of epic vault keys. My pet theory is that this is like the treasure-troop-from-chaos-portal issue, where there seemed to be nested RNG checks. The interaction between the checks meant that even though the drop rates seemed to be correct in the data, in practice they diverged from the intended values.


I agree that that’s probably what is happening. So, it would be nice to have someone willing to work with the player base to see what is going on. Or even better, instead of checking code, perhaps check how many actual VKs and EVKs were found (if that’s possible). That would be the best data to verify if there is an error somewhere. Right now, we are at the players stating, with the best possible data collection available to us, that there is an issue. And what we get in return is silence.


Why should similar EVK clarifications by Forum members continue to go unanswered? (e.g. Vault Weekend data collection - for w/e 13 Sept - #167 by Mithran)

Much like threads about e.g. Spoilers or Delve Strategy, the nature of this thread was rather clearly stated in the OP, with the suggestion that it be muted if a player finds it disruptive towards his/her forum experience.
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@NerdieBirdie Honestly I doubt you understand anything about binomial probabilities.

I will try to keep it simple:


Even if one or two hardcore players received 1 EVK its still lightyears far from what is expected. By hardcore players, I mean from 30-40 and more VKs collected over the 3 days Vault event.
You should study more carefully my post 266.


Help! I have still not been able to find hardcore players who received several Epic vault keys during the 3 days Vault event! Its truly amazing because it should be the majority of the hardcore players.

I wrote binomial probabilities when collecting 57 VKs, lets write now the probabilities when collecting “only” 30 VKs (hardcore players who wrote here were most of the time above this number of 30 so their odds were higher than what I will write now. The odds with 57 VKs collected are shown in post 266 in this thread btw):

Probabilities of EVKs received with 30 VKs collected with a chance of 10% for them to turn into an EVK: (slightly rounded numbers for easy reading)

0 EVK : 4,2%
1 : 14,1%
2 : 22,7%
3 : 23,6%
4 : 17,7%
5 : 10,2%
6 : 4,7% (interesting one… slightly more chances to receive 6 EVKs than 0)
7 : 1,8%
8 : 0,57%
9 : 0,15%
10 : 0,036%

Soooo…where the hell is hiding the majority of the hardcore players with 2, 3 and 4 EVKs received?? and where are the less lucky who received 1 EVK? and where are the more lucky who received 5 EVKs?
And where are the very lucky who received 6 EVKs?
And where are the very unlucky who received 0 EVKs? hmmmm sorry, I think I already know about this group…

Im really surprised to see how easily the players here seems to have resign about such a big hustle. And yet it is so obvious.


I don’t expect a response from the devs until after campaign #2 begins.

How do u share a game clip?

Youtube/Vimeo/Reddit links seem to be the norm :thinking:
Wherever suitable, some players convert to Animated Gif
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Something real weird happened turn 1 in wars. I recorded it. How do I put it here?

The couple of times I tried something like that, I used Vimeo and/or Reddit links (i.e. uploaded to Reddit, and linked it here for others’ perusal): maybe more savvy players can advise on alternatives?
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Thanks kinda. Summat really weird lost me 2xtroops when neither were in kill range. It was turn 1. 1st and 4th troop dead from shade of zorn single hit. Their hero was thief. That’s impossible

Rising shadows maybe?
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Yes I know but I wasn’t webbed so no triple dmg from p1 webspinner. His attack was 67 and my combined HP 244.
BanG. …dead
Even if I was webbed I would have taken the hit

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Still beat the feckers with rock troll and gray king tho. Love gray king lots. But it’s 9.35k instead of 9.5k plus

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I farmed 137 keys that weekend. 0 epic keys. Guess the drop rate is mythic like?

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137??? thats insane! you counted in that total also the Vault keys we receive at 5, 10, 15,… gnomes killed?

Anyway, if your total of 137 is really without the pity keys then here a few odds for collecting 137 VKs with 10% chances for them to be an EVK:

0 EVK : 0,0000538% (thats ~ 1 chance in 2 millions)
10 to 17 EVKs was the vast majority of the probabilities. Anything less or more than that becomes more and more unlikely.
You even had slightly better chances to receive 33 EVKs than to receive zero!

Edit: now with a drop rate of 1% (the true drop rate is somewhere close to that), you had 25,2% chance to receive 0 EVKs when collecting 137 VKs. Thats perfectly possible.

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Sorry thats a mistype. I farmed 137 gnomes, got 14 keys including the free ones. I wish i had time to get that many keys