What is the purpose of the Suggestion and Feedback forum?

I am writing here from time to time, when an idea overcomes me. But I sometimes wonder, for what reason.
It has been stated, that nobody who is working on this game would ever come close to the game forum (okay, knowing the internet, this may often be the best strategy for devs), and I don’t feel like the threads are forwarded to them in a filtered form either.

Is this a placebo forum?


Sort of. A community manager once disclosed that in order for a topic to get looked at it needs to have received at least 50 likes, which is next to impossible. There seem to be exceptions to that rule, at least we sometimes get told “feedback has been forwarded”, usually when something controversial has reached a boiling point. Off the bat I don’t recall any recent situation where the forwarded feedback has actually resulted in anything, so this might just be a “talk to the hand” in community friendly wording. Which is really a shame, as community manager I’d love to point out situations where player feedback was taken into account to make the game better, I guess the opportunity hasn’t presented itself yet.

On the plus side, you can do cartwheels all day in this section and the forum po po will be none the wiser. Wheee. :man_cartwheeling: :woman_cartwheeling: :person_cartwheeling:


Or you can check in to find that radio silence has been broken so that they can tell you they are on holiday for most of the coming month.

Rumor has it, if you open a thread in the bug report section, anything about a money transaction problem, they’a come runnin’ :wink:

Daily offers still trash. But hey let’s hit the beach.

Ignoring us.

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