Armour selection on 'Battle Screen'


Is it possible to also have the hero armour selection on the ‘To Battle’ screen?

Reason: Following the recent changes downgrading souls from the arena, it seems easier & more rewarding to farm for souls in PvP (up to 80 per battle with celestial armour at normal difficulty) rather than the Arena. As a result, for high PvP matches I stick with Dragon & pick a solid team, but for a lower level PvP match I opt for Celestial with a soul farming team.

Rather than exit --> exit --> Hero --> Armour --> scroll through options --> select --> exit --> exit --> PvP --> Invade --> Fight --> To Battle…

It would be easier if it could be selected straight from the ‘To Battle’ screen.

(As a side note, the additional 3 glory & chance of a traitstone in PvP battles, has meant that I am more willing to PvP similar level matches, where as previously, I’d keep skipping until I got one of the top players with juicy gold :yum:)


While were at it, could you make it so that clicking the left and right arrows for armor selection actually makes you go back and forth through the list instead of always forth?