Change default "Hero" tab

When you click “Hero”, you’re taken to the “Overview” tab (which should be called “Masteries” btw). That’s probably the second least interesting tab for me of them all after Appearance.

So I thought it’d be nice to change the default tab. My vote is for Collection, but let’s make a proper poll:

Which of the 5 Hero tabs would you rather be the one that opens up when you first click “Hero”?

  • Overview (ie, Masteries) - no change
  • Armor
  • Appearance
  • Difficulty
  • Collection

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I vote for “Collection”, as it is more or less the only one I consult.
I would prefer to be able to choose the difficulty at the start of each fight. I never change it because it would require too many clicks and I am lazy.

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They probably already intend to change it when hero gets reworked in 1.0.9 or 1.1.0.

For now, I would say difficulty. To change armor and difficulty are the only things I ever use the hero tab for.

Currently I am using mostly the Armor tab and the Collection tab.

My opinion is that armor should be chosen per team (similar to hero’s weapon), this way for example I can make a farming team that always uses Celestial Armor, while my PVP team stays with Dragon Armor.

As for difficulties, I think it should be possible to select one before battle, but it should be remembered by the game separately for each area - PVP, Story Quests, Challanges, Arena. This way I can for example change difficulty to max for arena, and it stays like that, but when returning to PVP it will remember my choice of normal difficulty.

My vote goes to difficulty for now.

As many of us, I only go in the hero menu to select difficulty / armor and to view my collection.

But I do wish it’d be possible to change armor / difficuly as easily as it is to change battle team. Currently, it takes too much clicks and makes me so reluctant to g in the hero tab that, for example, when I’m farming challenges in high difficulty / Celestial Armor and get invaded, I just won’t defend for a long while because switching armor / difficulty just for one invader is a big waste of time :confused:


I voted for the status quo - Masteries, because that’s what newbie players need to understand first. I understand that veterans have no need to see that page and would appreciate one fewer click for difficulty/armor, but I can’t see that being the priority for devs (who want to encourage new players).

I definitely +1 any suggestions that difficulty and armor switching could be easier, though, like in the To Battle screen or similar.

I’m also for Armor/Difficulty being immediately accessible on the battle screen. At the same time I’d like a sort of tick box to set any tab of your choosing to be the “default” tab.