Armor suggestion?

just reached 50 jewels and was thinking to buy the dwarf armor in order to make coin grinding easier, should i do it or is there any better armor suggested? should i get more jewels and buy one of the higher tiers later? i don’t really care much about the extra souls and XP just the coins

It depends. As of tomorrow’s update, gold will not be needed anymore for battles. So, going forward, you only need gold for three things: buying gold keys, leveling up your kingdoms, and contributing to guild tasks. Depending on what priorities you have, getting more souls or xp might become more important. All the armors are helpful to have, there is no doubt. But I just wanted to point out the change in case you hadn’t seen the post about it.

Edit: here is the official post talking about the gold cost change if you’re interested.

i started playing since last week, i don’t even have all kingdom boughts, i’m 100% sure gold is what i want, the question was just if it was better to go for dwarven armor or wait to gather 200 more gems for pirate armor or gather 450 more gems for dragon armor

When to buy is a personal preference. A common strategy is to get the cheapest armor now, then save up for the highest armor. That way, you get a bonus now, and you’re not spending a lot of gems on the armors in between. If you can stand it, it is fastest to wait until you can afford the best armor. But I was not patient, so it took longer :sweat_smile: