What 50 gems armour should I go for?


I have just started out and decided not to use a single penny in this game. However I soon can buy an armour for my collected gems. I just have 26 gems now, but will soon have enough for the cheapest armour, its at least a minor upgrade to any income of the three: gold, souls or experience.

I think the armour that gives gold is the one to go for, but I am all ears.

Thanks for your advice! :slight_smile:


That’s sad, hope you change your mind if you like the game enough.

It all depends on what you wish to prioritze:

  • Dwarven Armour: gold -> good to level up your kingdoms, participate in a guild and unlock new kingdoms, plus more gold means more battles
  • Assassin Armour: souls -> good to level up your troops more quickly, which increases your kingdom power, and enables you to try out more troop combos
  • Archmage Armour: xp -> good to unlock better hero weapons and increase your masteries

I opted for the Assassin Armour when I started out, but in the current state of the game, the Dwarven Armour might be a better fit.


I forgot to add that I buyed the big gem pack for PS4 version earlier. It was quite expensive, and I didn’t get much good from the keys I buyed. I know its a risk one take, but got very disapointed when I couldn’t link my PS4 account to my android. So I just feel I have supported this game enough.

Thanks for your reply. You have always been very helpful to me. :slight_smile: cheers


Personally, I would join a good guild, contribute a bit and save up for the 450 gem armor straight up …

The 50 gems seems a waste when the top stuff in only a month away with guild rewards :confused:



Im not a hardcore gamer, and the guild I am in is chilling around. But, thanks for your input.


You’re very welcome! :slightly_smiling:

That only works if someone actually wants to join a big guild. I did the same as @eika86 when I started out, bought a 50 gems armour that was really useful, and then saved up for the 500 one. I have no regret, and neither should s/he. We all play at our own pace. :slightly_smiling:


Fair enough, plenty of top 50 guilds that aren’t “hardcore” and just play for fun …

But if that’s too difficult to look into or consider and you don’t wanna put those 50 gems towards the best armor in a months time, then that’s your choice …

I was merely pointing out the fact there are plenty of guilds churning gems that aren’t “hardcore” …



The subject is not about what you are telling me. If you are in a great guild, and got the dragon armour after a month, good for you.


Really looking forward to get my first armour! :smiley:


save up all your gems for dragon armour? Or use them for gold related armour cause you can use gold more than souls and exp.


I’d go for the Dragon Armor now because gold is driving lots of things now. And no matter how you play:

  1. If you’re getting gems at a slow pace, it’ll take a while to get to 500 gems and the extra gold you can be getting in the meantime will be helpful
  2. If you’re getting gems at a fast pace, then you should gain back the 50 gems pretty quickly while still taking advantage of the extra gold during that time.


Go for the armor that generates extra gold.
With gold, you can open gold chests… Which contains? Gems!
You can then buy a better armor with those extra gems.


That and it really boost pvp earnings too, which is the very best way to make money, and is especially useful when starting out. Also, it helps “refund” the cost of quests and challenges, so it’s always a good idea.

Hope you’ll enjoy your new shiny suit @eika86! :slightly_smiling:


Thanks for the replies. Yeah I will when I get those damn gems! :wink: