Arenas questions

  1. Is there anyway to use weapons you already have instead of the three options at the beginning?
  2. How do you use different banners in the arena mode now?

As far as I know:

  1. You can’t.
  2. You can’t.

I’m still trying to figure out how this change is an improvement for the player.

deadpool plays this game and on what platform? sign me up as excited and confused.

Sorry Xbox one

Since the recent upgrade, (a week ago?) you now have to choose between the three weapons offered. As far as I know, you can no longer use one of your own weapons.

I wasn’t sure if I liked this at first either, but I do see it as a good way to try out newer weapons, which may aid in knowing ones you might want to acquire at a later time? Or ones you simply don’t care for. … Just adds to the challenge me thinks. :slightly_smiling:

As far as the weapon goes I don’t like how it messes with your colors. Before you could adjust weapon for better use with your team. Now if your best unit ends up being the same color it really hurts. Especially when most weapons are 12+ to use.

Yep I agree this is a nerf for higher players and a buff for newer ones. I have summers fury and war and peace that covers most matches for a weapon choice. Forcing me to choose a weaker weapon and forcing me to choose before I know my team colors is frustrating.

I heard that you can buy the weapon after along with the troops though which would be good of you got sun and moon or cauldron or one of the other exceptionally good weapons.

Agree with you both, it is frustrating to have to pick your weapon first. If anything, I would think you should be allowed to pick the 3 troops first, and then choose your weapon accordingly.

As for the weapon purchase, I haven’t seen that option. Unless it’s only after one purchases the troops? Which I haven’t done, so can’ t confirm this myself.

Oh, and forgot to mention the wonderful fact that those nice shiny new weapons sometimes don’t even work, for whatever reason? My son actually told me about this happening a couple times, until it finally happened to me as well. (3 or 4 times now?) … Fire the weapon, and then …nothing? Looks like it fired, but nothing’s hit? - So unless the opposing team has use of the ‘dodge’ aspect, which I’ve read some mention for the newer 1.0.8? Dunno…

Right i was told if you buy the troops you get the weapon. Since I have all troops it’s not exactly useful but I may try it after they fix the arena win task to not count wins in normal invasions forcing me to do it.

Hmmm, interesting. Thanks. Sorry was editing my post when you sent this. Wanted to mention about the weapon failures we are seeing from time to time in the arena.

Ya guildie was mentioning one of the weapons did no damage when used.

Yeah, it was the troop ‘Paladin’ that didn’t work for me last night. Fired a couple times with no effect.

At least a couple more do the same. Not sure if it’s just the weapon that’s failing, or troop?