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Arena probelm is it just me?

When my wife plays arena on the xbox she gets to choose a weapon card for her hero. Well they give her 3 options and she picks the best out of the 3. When i play on the PC and i go into arena. It starts off with me picking the ebst common card and i never get to pick a weapon card. Instead im forced to use taht Crude Club which is like the weapon u start the game with. Is there a way to get a weapon card or do u have to use that shit crude club weapon when playing arena on PC?

Im retarded after clicking on my hero i saw a Blue button near the bottom that says weapon that lets you choose your weapon.


chuckles :slight_smile:


Pc arena and xbox arena use 2 different versions of the game. Also and don’t be offended please i don’t want to die but your wife is smarter than you.

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ouch, but seems so :slight_smile: