(Answered) Never Chose Weapon 1st Arena Draft


I’m a new player, but everything I’ve read about arena drafts gave me the impression I was suppose to be able to draft a weapon in arena. I completed my 1st draft as soon as arena became available and never got an option of weapon. While I know I can put in a ticket, I wanted to check here to make sure this is abnormal and I didn’t just miss something. Thank you in advance! (Mobile)


You have to click the “Weapon” button in the bottom right of your screen. That will then allow you to select which weapon you want to use. You may only use weapons that you’ve already unlocked.


On the console side we specifically force players to choose their legendary weapon as part of the draft.

On PC/Mobile, you have to explicitly set it.


Thank you for the quick responses! I was under the impression that mobile worked in the same way as console. Thank you for clearing that up! Sorry for the silly question.