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Appreciation for devs taking high road in f2p

I made this post (and this forum account) just to tell the devs how much I appreciate their game.

They released a great f2p game that doesn’t use psychologically coercive tricks to increase monetization.

No time gates, no energy system, no “limited inventory”

Thank you very much for taking the high road and for this reason this f2p game got my money in the first week.


Thanks for the free loots! We love you senpai!

Nicely said…

Or the tricks are just too subtly suggestive to notice :smiley:


They do use time limited sales which is an absurd concept if you think about it.

But I don’t feel like those are coercive because they don’t take something away unless you pay.

Energy systems take away your ability to play unless you pay, limited inventory space takes away rewards (or prevents playing) unless you pay, and time gates pressure you to pay by arbitrarily frustrating your progress

This game doesn’t have any of those but is high quality with a ton of content

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