Anyone ever had this thing?

Hello! I want to ask something, because I had this thing few times when I tried to invite someone into guild.

(i deleted the picture, even the account actually mine too)

I am afraid that the random letters is the player’s password. And if it’s true, this is not something every players wanted to have, leakage of private details.
After you get this detail you only need one thing: the player’s email.
i.g. you can just ask that player email in chat with something fake like, “hey! I have something to show you, I’ll send it to your email”.
or worse, the players put their email in forum or somewhere else that is searchable.

I don’t know why, how, and when that thing can happen when you try to invite someone to the guild. I did this screenshot during our dark age (moving server).
Hopefully, if it’s true that the error somehow showing the player’s password, the developer can fix this thing.

I highly doubt that it is the player’s password that is showing up there. However, if it is, it probably isn’t a great idea to post a screenshot of it. Just sayin’.

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The random characters are not the users password.

Its probably a “unique” identifier on the servers side to identify the issue and/or the player

it’s my alter ego account, don’t worry :slight_smile:

I have never experienced such error. But it could be player password as the password the game gives you when you want to link the account on multiple devices. 12 letters and mix uppercase and lowercase. But I’m not sure. I think it would be better if you remove the screenshot.


Yes, I checked the game password and my screenshot has the same of 12 letters & mix uppercase and lowercase, and sometimes numbers too. That’s why I asked this thing. The error usually happened when I try to invite player to guild or maybe also when I boot someone, and the act was failed.

It could be a user id. All players are assigned an id when they start playing the game (before naming their hero at the end of the tutorial).

It might have been your user id as well.