Please explain this guild member

Is this a ghost member. He donated gold this week. My guild leader sees this as well. What’s going on with Frank? Different level. It is 107 or 5?

Yours has a capital F, that enemy one doesn’t. Maybe they’re different players? Don’t know if names are case-sensitive…

I believe there was an issue not unlike this one a long time ago on these forums. I believe someone mentioned how no one ever challenged their defend team even though they played regularly. The devs later figured out that the issue was another player (of a much lower level) that had been inactive for ages was suddenly replacing said user for revenge battles, etc.

If it’s the same issue, the player who’s in your guild is contributing and is level 107, but the player who’s profile you’re pulling up is not the same Frank.

This will require some tech support to separate the two oddly connected entities, if that’s the case.


Looks like there was 2 Heroes both using the same Invite code. We’ve fixed this and you should hopefully be seeing the profile for the correct Frank now.


@Nimhain Thank you. It has been fixed. I appreciate the help.

@Nimhain , thank you for this but if you have the time I have one more issue that I submitted a ticket on and it has not be resolved yet. I submitted the ticket on Wednesday night for ghost members showing in my guild (U.N.S.C) but it has not be resolved yet, I need this fixed because I have someone who wants to join my guild and i would have to kick three people just to allow one in. My invite code is William_30, i can get you the ticket number if you need it.

The ticket number is 23611

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We deleted 3 people to try am invite a new member. It seems that we can’t get the invites to work. Guild states that we have 29 when we only have 27 members. :pensive: