Android - Spooky Partial Screen Disable

note: the issue may concern my particular device, if not android in general (LG V10, android 5.1.1)

What happened?
Game eventually stops responding to screen tapping, finger sliding etc on a “portion of screen” usually its middle section of screen, sometimes whole right half of screen

  • im expecting game responds everywhere the screen was touched

the screen irresponsivity only concerns gow, if i exit it or move it to background the screen responds normally;
restarting gow will restore gow screen responsivity to normal & expected state

Steps to make it happen again?
open gow then:

A. - collect tribute - disable screen - turn screen on with gow active
B. - collect tribute - hide gow in background (home button) - disable screen - turn screen - restore gow to full screen

repeat either of A and B few times - it eventually always bugs, there may be some other factors involved like moving gow to background before tribute collection screen finishes disappearing but even when i pay attention to wait till tribute is long done it still eventually bugs

Do you have any screenshots?
No, i didnt find a way how to show map of screen areas that become irresponsive and the game “display” has no flaws

a classic example i could make would be video showing how - when sliding finger on left part of screen will move game map - but sliding middle/right side will not respond, in such case i have to slide the krystara map the way that my kingdom is displayed on left section of screen so i could collect tribute otherwise tapping it yelds no response