Android, Game crashes mid-battle

** Mobile: Android 7.0, LG-M327 **

Sorry, no screenshots can explain the problem.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was mid-battle and the game just crashed, the screen went black, the home screen of my phone was now visible. No freezing, no warning, just caput. At first, I thought maybe I was hitting my home button after a swipe to reveal the home and back buttons, but this is not the case.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It has been happening for about a week or two. It can happen after five minutes of play or an hour of play. It is not consistent. It happens in all kinds of battles, not just one event type. I was in the middle of my guild war today and I was just about to win the 4th battle when the game crashed, causing me to lose the battle. It has crashed while treasure hunting and all other battle types as well.

Steps to make it happen again
The only clue I can give is to play the game.

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This just happened to me on iOS. I made a match, and the game froze and crashed mid-cascade.

It was, of course, during a Guild Wars battle. Amazingly, it did not count as a loss. See edit below

{“app_name”:“gemsofwar”,“timestamp”:“2019-05-09 13:36:55.51 +0900”,“app_version”:“4.3.007”,“slice_uuid”:“1521fe1e-cedb-3adb-9057-d76ad341b1ba”,“adam_id”:897954560,“build_version”:“4300007”,“bundleID”:“com.505games.gemsofwar”,“share_with_app_devs”:false,“is_first_party”:false,“bug_type”:“109”,“os_version”:“iPhone OS 12.2 (16E227)”,“incident_id”:“60661ABF-BA5E-47D2-9CA0-A195D9AB0B3A”,“name”:“gemsofwar”}
Incident Identifier: 60661ABF-BA5E-47D2-9CA0-A195D9AB0B3A
CrashReporter Key: d89c48b3b6d2c654016dc87cf37de71918d76f0c
Hardware Model: iPhone9,1
Process: gemsofwar [40237]
Path: /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/6F28BC1A-DA49-462B-9D5E-CDE29458ECA6/
Identifier: com.505games.gemsofwar
Version: 4300007 (4.3.007)
AppStoreTools: 10B63
AppVariant: 1:iPhone9,1:12
Code Type: ARM-64 (Native)
Role: Foreground
Parent Process: launchd [1]
Coalition: com.505games.gemsofwar [3710]

Date/Time: 2019-05-09 13:36:55.0418 +0900
Launch Time: 2019-05-09 13:15:36.5764 +0900
OS Version: iPhone OS 12.2 (16E227)
Baseband Version: 5.55.00
Report Version: 104

Exception Subtype: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000200000028
VM Region Info: 0x200000028 is not in any region. Bytes after previous region: 459849769 Bytes before following region: 2147483608
unused shlib __TEXT 00000001e0000000-00000001e4974000 [ 73.5M] r–/r-- SM=COW … this process
—> GAP OF 0x9b68c000 BYTES
MALLOC_NANO 0000000280000000-00000002a0000000 [512.0M] rw-/rwx SM=PRV

Triggered by Thread: 5

Thread 5 name: UnityGfxDeviceWorker
Thread 5 Crashed:
0 gemsofwar 0x0000000102ad7298 0x1027ec000 + 3060376
1 gemsofwar 0x0000000102ca14c8 0x1027ec000 + 4936904
2 gemsofwar 0x0000000102a81b38 0x1027ec000 + 2710328
3 gemsofwar 0x0000000102ee0a88 0x1027ec000 + 7293576
4 gemsofwar 0x0000000102a889c4 0x1027ec000 + 2738628
5 gemsofwar 0x0000000102ee8074 0x1027ec000 + 7323764
6 gemsofwar 0x0000000102ee03c4 0x1027ec000 + 7291844
7 gemsofwar 0x0000000102c58230 0x1027ec000 + 4637232
8 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00000001a10682c0 0x1a105d000 + 45760
9 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00000001a1068220 0x1a105d000 + 45600
10 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00000001a106bcdc 0x1a105d000 + 60636

Edit: hey, a collision with another Gems of War bug! After restarting the game, I saw two victories, no losses, and three battles remaining. Once I won the Guild Wars battle, the Attack! screen showed three victories, one loss, and one battle remaining. Paging @Kafka because this is a delightful mix of bugs that I had never encountered prior to 4.3: mid-game crashes combining with delayed updating of key UI info.

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Hello Jenks and @Grundulum!

it would be great if you could please reach out to support here and let us to know how the troubleshooting steps have affected this issue: - for Jenks in paritcular.

I’ve passed on your crash report in the meantime, grund, but I wouldn’t assume it’s related at this point.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. I think this crash report might be helpful to whichever staff member looks at it. My normal crashes are thread 0, and happen during game startup. This one happened mid-cascade, with a reported crash of thread 5–the Unity graphics handler.

Do you want me to open a support ticket as well? I have reinstalled the game multiple times since 4.3 came out.

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If it keeps happening yes, please reach out to us with “technical issue” form selected. If you could grab the recent crashlogs.

Got your ticket thanks Jenks!