Android App shuts down without warning, error or other message

The app simply exits and I find myself at the home screen. Any attempt to go back in the game result in a normal start up and that means PvP and Guild wars count as lost and I guess my treasure maps are also gone (did not check).
It happens randomly during a match or outside of a match. With full or empty battery. Changed screen resolution things with no effect…
Problem seems to worsen. While my history shows that once I had a win streak of 70+, it now crashes every 10 to 20 games and just now twice in a row, first PvP and then treasure hunt. Potentially the problem is related to the last update?

Platform, device version and operating system
Android (6.0) on Huawei Mate 7 (MT7 LT10)

Screenshot or image
Not possible. Shut down is very fast. Maybe half a second black screen, that is all I think I see.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
About twice or three times a day, when playing maybe 2 to 3 hours, so maybe every hour on average, but it is not regular and crashes may happen shortly after another and then not for 2 hours. I cannot see any pattern or correlation.
I think it did not happen in the last version, the one where you could already sacrifice troops on rarity level ups without reaching the next level… And I think the frequency increases? Maybe just a feeling.

Steps to make it happen again
I just am in the game and play. Usually it happens during matches , but can also happen during guild view or in soul forge. It is not immediately related to an action.

I am well aware that it is almost impossible to reproduce this bug with this description, because the bug is so random. I tried to also change my system settings to prevent other apps to suddenly robb memory, but that also had no effect. I know that when I answer a call there is a high probability that the game is killed, but that is normal behaviour, so I suspect an invisible background process could have triggered the bug, but all my efforts did not improve the situation.

Good Luck with this bug.

Hi blablubbb

Unfortunately, this sounds like an issue with your device’s memory management, as you guessed.

We advise playing the game with the graphics settings all the way down and no other apps running in the background. We also suggest ensuring you have the latest OS version installed, so that hopefully the OS is managing your phone’s memory as efficiently as possible.

If you receive any error messages in game, please let us know.

In the last two weeks this have happened to me too. GoW crashes randomly on my mobile. I have the same OS version as OP, Android 6. My phone has 3 GB of ram. It sounds like GoW have a problem with Android 6 nowadays to me.

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Thanks for your advice, but it seems to make no difference what graphic settings I choose and I am a bit confused about that “blur” setting, it is not obvious which setting is better.

Anyway: My game now crashes about twice as often as when I wrote the bug report. I suspect that you may accumulate trash in the memory (not releasing it)… The game now reached a point where I consider it unplayable and it worked perfectly for me for about 3 month. I think you did mess up something in your last update and I wish you all the best figuring out what now goes wrong what did not go wrong before. If possible I’d like to downgrade to the previous version or have version which is not as resource demanding as your new one (if that really is the problem). I am tempted to reinstall the game and see if that solves the problem.

This happened for me too blablubbb and i put in a support ticket also couple of months back.

I use a tablet which is solely for gow only and it started happpening with the 3.3 upgrade.

I can’t really provide much advice since i had no reply from tech support but this frequently happens when i use a heavy mana conversion team.

Just before a mass conversion i found the screen causing a sudden pause and slow down and that’s when my tablet crashes.

It maybe draining the memory of the device… but i’m far from a techy to explain further in details.

Same thing has been happening to my wife when playing on a Motorola G5 Plus. I have no problems on my MotoX Pure Edition, which is older.

I’m sorry you’re still having this issue and that other people are too.

It’s definitely worth upgrading to Android 8

Unfortunately, by phone standards the Huawei Mate 7 (MT7 LT10) is already outdated (I know mobile technology moves so fast being an iPhone 4 user myself until recently!), so short of lowering the graphics settings as much as possible, updating your OS and also trying to force close the app and restart it to see if it makes a difference, there’s not much else you can do as the crashing is caused by a memory management issue on the device itself.

@Papa regarding the Motorola G5 Plus I’m going to ask the team about that as it’s a new model.

Hi Kafka

I got some news: I uninstalled the app and cleaned all app data. I restarted my phone and installed the game again and started again with a new account. My hero there is now level 25 and I haven’t had a single chrash without compromising on graphic…

What I noticed is that again and again the game download things… Pictues of newly drawn troops, pictures of new kingdoms and so on and so forth… I guess when it loaded too much, with all the event stuff over month and month it just gets too big and starts crashing.

The old version had one flaw: when you went to troops it loaded quite long before anything happens. I suspect to shorten this load time you simply dump everything in the memory in the current version and if you already played for a while and got all the kingdoms, you get crashes.

So in the end it is still a bug, because your game changed the way it handles memory and you are not allowing for older phones to not have everything in the memory.

It is possible that I am writing nonsense, since I actually do not really know how memory management on Android works and if you could make use of a memory extension in file form like a swap… If so please implement. This bug mainly affects people who play regularly for quite a while…

UPDATE: I connected the game back to my old account and had then 1 of these chrashes eventually, but nothing compared to before. Then you released a new version and since that update there was no such chrash. Seemed you fixed the stability issue or at least you greatly improved stability. Thanks. A change to the previous version is that pictures of troops again may not show immediately and are loaded when needed. So I guess my suspicion was right that clocking up the memory with additional content like troop pictures contributed to the instability of the game.
Again thanks for fixing!

With the latest update the craches returned and it is quite frustrating when you just spent a seal for the tower or the class event and then it counts as loose, because the game crashed.

There were virtually no crashes for about half a year and now after the latest update it is worse then ever.

Hey, I’m very sorry to hear that.

There’ll be more optimisations in the next update which will hopefully help.

Thanks. Problem disappeared. Maybe due to update, maybe due to making more space in memory? But no more chraches recently. Thanks.

I’d suggest that you try restarting your device, as this can sometimes help. If it doesn’t work, you can check the app’s settings to see if there are any updates that need to be made. You can also uninstall and reinstall the app if neither of these options work. If you’re still having trouble, you can reach out to the app developer for support. They should be able to help you troubleshoot and find a solution.

That’s a tough bug to work around! It sounds like there’s no real pattern to when it happens, so it’s especially tricky to figure out what the problem might be. It’s hard to say if the last update could have caused it, but it’s definitely something to look into. I’m sorry you’re having this issue and dealing with the losses in the game. Have you tried clearing the app’s cache or uninstalling and reinstalling the game? Maybe you could also try a different device to see if it’s an issue with the phone itself. Or you should try the advanced AI-driven mobile apps from I highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a reliable source of software tools.


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