Adventure Board, Search for Keys configured correctly?

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
The currently known Search for Keys adventures have an unusual reward progression, the first two rewards tend to be Gold keys, the last rewards high value key:

  • Search for Keys II: 1 Gold, 3 Gold, 1 Gem
  • Search for Keys III: 3 Gold, 6 Gold, 1 Event
  • Search for Keys V: 5 Gold, 10 Gold, 2 Gem, 4 Event

The old daily tasks had a lot of Glory key rewards, which seem to be entirely missing here. Please check if the second reward is really set correctly, it feels likely it was actually intended to award Glory keys instead of Gold keys.


I especially agree because I’d rather have gold than gold keys.

To further support this, I just found Search for Keys I task. Gives 9 gold keys total, and nothing else.
For even whatever internal “gem value” table they could possibly be using, this seems low even compared to the raw gold/souls/traitstones tasks within the same tier given even worst-case conversion rates. Not a single glory key has been discovered on the any task yet, either.


I think this may have been fixed, if you compare this picture to ‘Search for Keys V’ although I haven’t seen an earlier picture of this particular ‘Keys’ task to reference: