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Adventure board main task help button

The main task on the adventure board has this big green ”show me where to play best” arrow since 5.x. It should show you where to get your task done. Nice idea!

Unfortunately it doesn’t lead you to the best option but it actually leads you to a random kingdom with the required color in the arcane stone instead. Every time you click it, it opens a new random one.

In my case it opened Sin of Maraj the first time, which has 3/18 troops using brown apparently. I realised it quite soon that something was wrong here.

My suggestion to the devs is to lead us to the best kingdom (=required color troops/total troops ratio). Otherwise it’s quite pointless.


best one for browns used to be drifting sands if i’m not mistaken

So, apparently:
Drifting sands has 14/27=51,85% brown
Urskaya has 12/22=54,54% brown
Broken spire has 13/23=56,52% brown
Other kingdoms aren’t viable on first sight.

I used Broken spire here, following my gut feeling which was apparently good :stuck_out_tongue:.

I’m counting it a bit different, as you get only 1/2 legendaries and 0/1 mythics per run (especialy if doing it fast, on low levels explore) vs (20-1=)19 / (24-2 or 3)= 21-22 epics and lower rarity troops

so i’m not taking mythics or legends for consideration:
Broken Spire has 10/19= 52,63% brown (excluding legendaries and mythics)
Drifting Sands has 12/22 = 54,54% brown (excluding legendaries and mythics)
Urskaya has 9/18 = 50% brown (excluding legendaries and mythics)

but yeah, all these 3 are great for this kind of tasks :wink:

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That’s true. Good catch. Back on topic: the arrow is still pointless :stuck_out_tongue: