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Campaign 6 Guide (Week 10, 2021-10-11)

Team Code used: [6680,6863,6303,1128,3024,2,2,3,3,1,3,3,14023]

Cheers, Gary.


Usual mix of rubbish tasks. Gems of Grind, should be the games actual name.

Thanks Gary,

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Campaign 6 Week 1 Strategy

A new Campaign begins. And the Campaign Pet is named after me! – sort of…

This week is pretty straightforward, and I wouldn’t really bother rerolling any of the tasks, even though it does require two Adventure Boards. If you’re not rerolling, make sure to complete S1 before using the Adventure Board for easy battles!

  1. Open 50 Gold Chests (B1).

  2. Open 2 Event Chests (B2).

  3. Use a Jewellery weapon for 22 wins (G1) and get 13 Brown kills (B3), while simultaneously completing 3 Delves at Level 20+ (S1) with your daily Delve Sigils. I know a lot of people will reroll this, but honestly, you get an easy 27 wins to finish G1, and can pick any Brown delve.

  4. Switch to the Dervish class for 4 wins (B4) for the third Delve.

  5. Finish off G1 using the Dungeon (or even the Adventure Board), then explore Drifting Sands 5 times at D1+ (G2). With any luck, you’ll kill The Great Maw once (B5) on your first or second run. If your luck isn’t running today, try Casual PvP or the World Event.

  6. Match 90 Brown Gems (B6).

  7. Use a Vault Key to kill 1 Treasure Gnome (B7).

  8. Use a Drifting Sands team for 4 wins (B8). I recommend the Adventure Board for this.

  9. Get 9 Monster kills (B9). This should be easy while still exploring Drifting Sands.

  10. Use the Desert Banner (NY) for 4 wins (B10).

  11. Complete 2 Adventure Boards (S2) – Monday and Tuesday.

  12. Complete 3 Treasure Hunts with 60+ turns (S3). Rerolling risks needing to explore a specific kingdom, though not on a high difficulty.

  13. Craft 3 Brown Summoning Stones (S4).

To help out other players, set your PvP defence to The Great Maw and 3 Golems: [6160,6008,6008,6008,3072]


You don’t remember the version 3 weekly tasks, do you? At least we get half-decent rewards for the Campaign.

But yes, to fully play Gems of War does require lots of grinding. :smiley:

Team Code used: [6591,6591,1056,6590,3012,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,14015]

Cheers, Gary.


Still, another unimaginative grind. Its obviously too difficult for some planner, it might take 5 minutes thinking time you obviously don’t care to take ; anything requiring treasure hunt is lazy, lazy planning; For the games sake be creative; playful and actually generate some fun in the tasks and actually engage the player base beyond the grind. It really has become Gems of Grind.

I’m not sure what you’re expecting, @LADYofCAO. The campaign tasks are generated randomly from a fixed list of options. Different people dislike different tasks. At least we now have the option to reroll the ones we really can’t stand.


Campaign 6 Week 2 Strategy

This week’s tasks are a little tricky to optimise – unless you just reroll everything. Still, I’ll do my best to describe a good pathway. There’s a fair bit of switching back and forth.

The key issue, initially, is to get 44 Elemental kills for G1, while also making progress on other tasks. The options are: 1) do Daily Delves (S1) with guaranteed Elemental kills; 2) seek out Firebomb teams in Casual PvP; or 3) fast explore Forest of Thorns. The last option doesn’t provide much overlap with other tasks.

I also recommend working your way down the Bronze tasks, jumping in and out of S1 (completing Daily Delves), as required.

  1. Get 13 Brown kills (B1). I recommend seeing how far the first 4 battles exploring Khaziel will take you (D2+ – see B2, below), then switching to a Daily Delve…

  2. Complete 3 Daily Delves at Level 30+ (S1). I recommend using a Hammer on your team for the first run, for B8. Mountain Crusher should work fine on a Rowanne team. Four Factions provide a minimum of 8 Elemental kills, in the first and last rooms: Primal Rift, Sunken Fleet, Frostfire Keep and Dripping Caverns. All but Frostfire Keep also include one Brown troop.

  3. Leave off delving to claim B1, and finish exploring Khaziel once at D2+ (B2).

  4. Use a Khaziel team for 4 wins (B3). Ideally, use Pet Rescue, but you can also use the Adventure Board.

  5. Return to delving to earn 200 Gold in battle (B4).

  6. Open 2 Event Chests (B5).

  7. Craft 1 Brown Summoning Stone (B6).

  8. Kill Gorgotha once (B7), either in Casual PvP or the World Event.

  9. Use a Hammer weapon for 4 wins (B8), while delving, then finish delving for S1.

  10. Switch to your weekly Ranked PvP and explode 450 Gems (S2).

  11. If you intend to reroll the 2-day Dungeon task (S3), now is the time.

  12. Finish getting 44 Elemental kills (G1), either in PvP or Forest of Thorns fast Explore.

  13. Use the Dwarven Banner (NN) for 4 wins (B9), while using the Runepriest class for 22 wins (G2). You can use the Adventure Board, Dungeon and Pet Rescue. G2 can also be wrapped up during Tuesday’s Faction Event, on levels 20 and 30.

  14. If you haven’t rerolled, win the first 3 of 6 Dungeon Battles (S3).

  15. Use a Vault Key to kill 1 Treasure Gnome (B10).

  16. Complete 3 Treasure Hunts with 60+ turns (S4) – or reroll.

To help out other players, set your PvP defence to one Gorgotha and 3x Leshy: [6075,6367,6367,6367,3036]
Ideally, use a banner with minus Brown and no plus Yellow; unfortunately, those banners are all from the Underworld or Warbands.

If you face Leshy, don’t use a skull-based team. Florian is a reasonable alternative to Leshy.

QUICK UPDATE: It turns out, Elemental troops are a lot easier to find in Delves than expected. For the second or third Delve, my suggestion is to switch to a Faction where you can use Gaard’s Avatar (I think anything with Purple and either Red, Yellow or Brown). That way, you can include Runepriest and the Khaziel banner for some efficient multi-tasking.


I really appreciate your weekly tactics posts – thank you.
But why Leshy? Why not a more benign troop like Coin Purse or Brownie?

For Brown kills, one can also do Khaziel Challenges; completing 1 tier should do it.

@Fleet - Thank you so much!

I’m never quite sure how many people are reading what I write.

When I fill out the defence teams, I’m basically using the following criteria:

  1. If there’s a Type that needs killing, try to use that Type.
  2. If there’s a colour that needs killing, try to stick to that colour.
  3. Never use Underworld troops.
  4. Try to pick troops that don’t do damage.
  5. Don’t feed mana to the Mythic/Legendary (Gorgotha, in this case).
  6. Try to pick troops that don’t buff the enemy (especially increasing life or armour).
  7. Go for the most Common troop that I can find.

So, while Leshy does Entangle, that’s easy to get around, and also reduces Gorgotha’s effectiveness. I didn’t realise Leshy is immune to Entangle, but that shouldn’t really matter. Ideally, none of the enemy troops should cast, and removing Green if Leshy does cast shouldn’t be an issue.

That said, now that I’ve played half the Campaign, I realise I should have ignored the colour criterion and just found a harmless Elemental troop somewhere.

Campaign 6 Week 3: Dhrak-Zum
Team Code used: [1056,6563,6563,6563,3035,1,1,2,3,1,0,0,14029]

Cheers, Gary.

//edit class is Slayer, not Runepriest. Sorry for the confusion. Team Code updated.


Campaign 6 Week 3 Strategy

This week’s tasks are probably the easiest we’ve ever had, which is nice. Make sure to hang on to the last Adventure Board battle until the very end (B10). You’ll also need your Daily Delve Sigils, one Vault Key (B1) and 2 Event Keys (B8).

  1. Use a Vault Key to kill 1 Treasure Gnome (B1).

  2. Start exploring Dhrak-Zum once at D3+ (B2), while getting 44 Dwarf kills (G1) and matching 300 Brown Gems (S1). Switch to Khaziel explore for G1, if needed.

  3. Use a Dhrak-Zum team for 4 wins (B3). You can use the Adventure Board (just don’t finish it), Dungeon (you can finish it), Pet Rescue, Dhrak-Zum explore, or even L50 Delve (S2).

  4. Complete 3 Delves at Level 40+ (S2). Choose a delve that uses a Brown-gem team and has dwarf rooms, if you’re not quite done with the earlier tasks. Simultaneously, earn 80 Souls in battle (B4), then get 13 Blue kills (B5).

  5. Craft 1 Brown Summoning Stone (B6).

  6. Use the Slayer Banner (NPy) for 4 wins (B7). Again, you can use 4 of the 5 remaining Adventure Board battles, Pet Rescue, the Dungeon or a Delve.

  7. Open 2 Event Chests (B8).

  8. Kill Glaycion once (B9). Glaycion won’t show up in the World Event until you’ve won 30 battles, but he does appear in two Legendary (V) Delve rooms (Frozen Cavern and Ice Cave). He should also be easy to find in Casual PvP. Or just explore Dhrak-Zum a few more times until he shows.

  9. Once S2 and G1 are done, switch to PvP, in any case. You need to earn 25 Glory in PvP (S3) and win 22 Ranked PvP battles (G2).

  10. Use a Hammer weapon for 15 wins (S4) – pretty easy if you have a Mountain Crusher team.

  11. Finally, do the last battle to complete 1 Adventure Board (B10).

To help out other players, it’s a bit tricky to know what to set for your PvP defence, as most Blue Dwarfs either do damage or create Brown for Glaycion. However, if your opponent uses a team with an exploder, it should be easy enough to defeat Glaycion and 3 Dwarven Gates – Glaycion is vulnerable in first, and explosions remove Barrier for the rest of the battle: [6565,6396,6396,6396,3023]

Remember to set proper defences for Guild Wars!


FWIW, for delves that have Dwarves the most populated one is likely Duergaroth - minimum of three in the entry room and two in the boss room, plus the room in the middle can be that tier IV dwarven gate room.

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Campaign 6 Week 4: Khetar

Team Code used: [1280,6074,6299,6510,3020,1,3,2,2,2,3,1,14006]

Cheers, Gary.


Arena run; the obligatory nasty task

You might get lucky and be offered an Imperial Deed. :smiley:

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I always do a 5 wins arena run on Sunday and leave it for Monday.

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Campaign 6 Week 4 Strategy

You’ll need 5 Gem Keys (B1) and 2 Event Keys (B2) right off the bat. Don’t finish your Adventure Board (B8) early. You can use the Dungeon at any time for easy battles, or save it for Blue kills (B9).

  1. Open 5 Gem Chests (B1).

  2. Open 2 Event Chests (B2).

  3. Win 6 battles in a single Arena run (S1).

  4. Craft 3 Purple Summoning Stones (S2).

  5. Use a Khetar team for 22 wins (G1), with the Necromancer class for 4 wins (B3). Start by exploring Khetar once at D4+ (B4). Then use up to 8 battles from the Adventure Board, all of the Dungeon and any Pet Rescues. If you get stuck, you could possibly start a L50+ Faction where Gary’s team (see his graphic) works and start on S3: Hall of Guardians, Sea of Sorrow, Stonesong Eyrie or Emperinazar.

  6. Start on completing 3 Delves at Level 50+ (S3), ideally with a Scythe weapon for B7.

  7. Match 90 Skulls (B5).

  8. Earn 80 Souls in battle (B6).

  9. Use a Scythe weapon for 4 wins (B7).

  10. Switch to the Undead Banner (PB) for 22 wins (G2) as soon as G1 is done. If you’re still delving, Gary’s team has the right banner.

  11. Complete 1 Adventure Board (B8).

  12. Kill Bone Dragon 3 times (S4) in PvP or the World Event.

  13. Get 13 Blue kills (B9). I would start on my weekly Ranked PvP at this point, but you can also Explore Merlantis.

  14. Get 9 Undead kills (B10). Ghulvania or Khetar are your best options.

To help out other players, set your PvP defence to Fallen Valdis and 3 Bone Dragons. The point of this team is to block mana to Bone Dragon with a troop that takes a long time to fill. Or just throw in a Glory Gnome. [6593,6129,6129,6129,3023]


Campaign 6, Week 5: Blighted Lands

Team code used: [1280,6894,6771,6955,3021,3,3,2,3,3,3,3,14027]

Cheers, Gary.