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Campaign 6 Guide (Week 10, 2021-10-11)

No strategy from me, this week. I’m moving house.

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Congrats! I hope?

No. Just another, worse, rental. In a disastrously rising market.

On the plus side, it’s quite a nice area if I finally manage to do some daily walks. :slight_smile:

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And the usual Frank you 505 for including the Arena.

My campaign guide for some time now:

Don’t like/want to do a particular task - Reroll :heart_eyes:


Campaign 6, Week 6: Whitehelm

Team Code used: [6804,1192,6029,6167,3014,3,2,1,3,3,3,1,14003].

Cheers, Gary.


Campaign 6 Week 6 Strategy

You have the option of skipping the first three Silver tasks – the second of which is 2 Adventure Boards – though I probably won’t. If you don’t skip S1, do it early, so you can get credit for using Monday’s adventure board for G1, B2 and B6. The other Silver tasks just fall to Tuesday.

  1. Open 2 Event Chests (B1).

  2. Complete 3 Treasure Hunts with 60+ turns (S1).

  3. Use the Priest class for 4 wins (B2) while also using a Shield weapon for 22 wins (G1). Use the Dungeon, Pet Rescues, and the Adventure Board once S1 is done (or any time if you’re rerolling S2).

  4. Use a Vault Key to kill 1 Treasure Gnome (B3).

  5. Match 90 Yellow Gems (B4). I think there are suitable PvP teams. You can also start Exploring Whitehelm at D6+ (for G2).

  6. Get 13 Yellow kills (B5) while Exploring Whitehelm 5 times at D6+ (G2). This will also lead into B8, though probably not B6.

  7. Use a Whitehelm team for 4 wins (B6), ideally in easy battles.

  8. Kill Vash’Dagon once (B7). He becomes available in the World Event after 30 wins, or as the sole Mythic Boss in Karakoth Explore. He should also be easy to find in Casual PvP.

  9. Get 9 Divine kills (B8) in Whitehelm.

  10. Earn 5 Glory in PvP (B9).

  11. Use the Holy Banner (YY) for 4 wins (B10). This banner should work fine with a Phoenicia team.

  12. On Tuesday, complete the second of 2 Adventure Boards (S2).

  13. Win 6 battles in a single Arena run (S3).

  14. Craft 3 Yellow Summoning Stones (S4).

To help out other players, set your PvP defence to Vash’Dagon and 3 Sister Superiors: [6700,6518,6518,6518,3030]


Thankyou Frank for including both the Arena and Treasure Hunt in the same campaign. So thoughtful as per usual. I’ mean what else would we do; delves, pvp. Ho hum, Ho hum, its off to gem grinding we go again.

Meh. I don’t mind playing the other modes once in a while.

The only time I still really want to rush the Campaign is during Guild Wars. :slight_smile:

Campaign 6, Week 7: Shentang

Team Code used: [1147,6417,6418,6677,3030,3,1,1,1,2,1,2,14031]

Cheers, Gary.


Campaign 6 Week 7 Strategy

No Adventure Board and only a single day’s Dungeon, this week. Use the Board for restricted tasks, especially G2/S3. You’ll want to get done quickly to get the skill boosts for Guild Wars. Remember to hang on to 25 Glory Keys for B7.

  1. Start by killing Phoenicia once (B1). Your best option is just winning 5 battles in the World Event, though you can also dig through Casual PvP or explore Suncrest.

  2. Try to use teams with a Mace weapon for 22 wins (G1), while also matching 300 Yellow Gems (S1).

  3. Open 2 Event Chests (B2).

  4. Use a Vault Key to kill 1 Treasure Gnome (B3).

  5. Win 4 battles in a single Arena run (B4).

  6. Switch to Ranked PvP to earn 80 Souls in battle (B5), while keeping that Mace going for G1.

  7. Use the Lantern Banner (YRg) for 15 wins (S2), also probably while doing your weekly Ranked PvP.

  8. Once G1 and S2 are done, use a Shentang team for 22 wins (G2) and the Monk class for 15 wins (S3), starting on the Adventure Board.

  9. Explore Shentang once at D7+ (B6), hopefully with your Shentang team.

  10. Open 25 Glory Chests (B7).

  11. Get 9 Stryx kills (B8) – exploring Suncrest is ideal, but Stonesong Eyrie and the World Event are also good options.

  12. Win 3 Dungeon Battles (B9). Your Shentang team should be able to handle this.

  13. Craft 1 Yellow Summoning Stone (B10).

  14. Once S3 is done, get 45 Purple kills (S4), either in Ghulvania, or just as a matter of course from Ranked PvP and the World Event.

To help out other players, set your PvP defence to Phoenicia and 3 Stormsingers [6649,6583,6583,6583,3041] – the banner from Blackhawk or Broken Spire will also work. You may want to use Sunspear when facing this defence.

Remember to set your Guild Wars defences today. And be careful to reset your Monk Talents after finishing G2 and S3, if you use Monk on GW defence.


Campaign 6 Week 8: Grosh-Nak

Team Code used: [6130,6135,1199,6682,3018,2,1,2,3,1,3,1,14032]

Cheers, Gary.


Campaign 6 Week 8 Strategy

A fairly straightforward Campaign week. If you don’t want to reroll the 2-day Dungeon task (S2), you can defer the Arena task (S1) at least until you need easy wins for B8. You’ll need 2 Event Keys for B6). Don’t complete the Adventure Board until B10!

  1. Win 6 battles in a single Arena run (S1). Reroll immediately, if you hate Arena.

  2. Win 22 Ranked PvP Battles (G1), initially using the Orc’s Banner (NR) for 4 wins (B1).

  3. Kill Gargantaur once (B2). The World Event is ideal.

  4. Get 13 Brown kills (B3). Just keep playing that PvP.

  5. Earn 5 Glory in PvP (B4). How convenient!

  6. Use an Axe weapon for 4 wins (B5). Depending on your PvP team, you could switch back to the World Event for this. You could also start the Adventure Board, for 4 battles only.

  7. Open 2 Event Chests (B6).

  8. Once G1 is done, explore Grosh-Nak once at D8+ (B7), simultaneously starting on getting 44 Orc kills (G2).

  9. Use a Grosh-Nak team for 4 wins (B8), potentially winning the first 3 of 6 Dungeon Battles (S2). You can also use 4 more battles from the Adventure Board – just leave the 9th alone.

  10. Craft 1 Red Summoning Stone (B9).

  11. Complete 1 Adventure Board (B10), finally.

  12. On Tuesday, do the Dungeon for S2, then match 300 Skulls (S3).

  13. Finish off by earning 1,000 Gold in battle (S4) – no special team should be needed if you play the Faction or World Events.

To help out other players, include Gargantaur in your PvP defence, then round out the team with either First Mate Axelubber [6472,6820,6820,6820,3062] or Gor’Thrum [6472,6777,6777,6777,3077] – use the double-blue banner, in a pinch. Honestly, it’s hard to build a harmless Orc team. Any way you go, your opponent is going to need to kill Gargantaur quickly.


pvp; a gold task, never.

Where would I find all of this lovely information, but on the Switch please?

Just use my Switch bot on Discord, and issue the command !campaign. Some of the information is missing there, but you’ll get to know most of what you need.

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Campaign 6 Week 9: Zhul’Kari

Team Code used: [6842,1220,6513,6122,3029,1,2,1,1,2,2,2,14009]

Cheers, Gary.


Well those are maddening silver tasks …

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I rerolled the 3 adventure boards task but everything else imo was quick and easy.

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Campaign 6 Week 9 Strategy

There’s a couple of tasks to reroll this week. Just remember that any reroll will require more battles to complete than the original task – they’ll just be less restrictive. You’ll need a Vault Key (B4) and 2 Event Keys (B9). And if you don’t reroll, you’ll need 3 Daily Delve Sigils (S2) and 3 Adventure Boards (S4). The Dungeon is free to use whenever you choose.

  1. Start by using a Relic weapon for 22 wins (G1), the Dark Elven Banner (PG) for 4 wins (B1), and casting spells 60 times (S1). If you can, I would start my weekly Ranked PvP.

  2. Win 4 Ranked PvP battles (B2).

  3. Complete 1 Treasure Hunt with 60+ turns (B3). I wouldn’t reroll this unless you truly struggle with Treasure Hunt.

  4. Use a Vault Key to kill 1 Treasure Gnome (B4).

  5. Kill Arachnaean Weaver once (B5). I recommend searching Casual PvP, or Zhul’Kari Explore – Weaver doesn’t show up in the World Event until you have at least 30 wins.

  6. Earn 80 Souls in battle (B6). Easy enough in PvP.

  7. Craft 1 Green Summoning Stone (B7).
    By this time, S1 and G1 should be about complete.

  8. Complete 3 Delves at Level 100+ (S2). If you have Delves at a suitable level, use your Daily Sigils. All of mine are at L500, so I’m likely to just reroll. Your other option is to buy Tier II in Tuesday’s Faction Event – Tier I is unlikely to suffice.

  9. Use the Orbweaver class for 22 wins (G2).

  10. Get 9 Beast kills (B8). Go to Maugrim Woods, if it’s taking too long.

  11. Open 2 Event Chests (B9).

  12. Explore Zhul’Kari once at D9+ (B10).

  13. Use a Zhul’Kari team for 15 wins (S3). I’ll probably use the Adventure Board, Dungeon and any Pet Rescues that show up.

  14. Complete 3 Adventure Boards (S4). The truth is, there’s no real reason to reroll this. It’s not Guild Wars week, so you don’t need the extra stats. And it’s the last Silver task, so it’s not blocking anything else. Be honest with yourself: you want to reroll only from impatience. If you’re okay with that, go right ahead. :slight_smile:

To help out other players, set your PvP defence to three Arctic Foxes and one Arachnaean Weaver, and fight it with a team that doesn’t Stun, but can target last place: [6579,6579,6579,6555,3010]

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