Adding "current" to "needed" in Soulforge

Within games/Soulforge/select any resource you’d like to create, it’s great to have the “you have X-amount of this resource.” I was wondering, if it was at all possible, (or if you’d find it beneficial), to have a count of how many “x” (gems/diamond shards/runes/etc), we have in hand of any given resource, to the “need” section of Soulforge?! Ex: you have 250/1000.
(Hopefully the picture makes more sense than the description) .
I feel this would be very helpful, and less time consuming for gamers going for personal gains/quests/objectives.


It’d be a pretty nice thing. I only have a few things left I want but I can only remember Death because it’s the absolute last thing I want to craft.

And while that’s sort of a good setup for a joke it’s really just down to “I don’t think I’ll ever use it on a team.”


The picture from OP:

I think I just click the Jewel icon in the top-left corner or do the mental math when it tells me I can make multiples of a resource – e.g. if I can make 7 lots of 10 Diamonds, I know I have 7k+ Jewel Shards.

I can see that if it was another resource such as Traitstones, Ingots, you wouldn’t be able to see from the Soulforge menu how many you had if you weren’t able to craft any.

I don’t really have strong feelings about this one – the number of resources required to craft something isn’t generally a huge amount, e.g. 7 Runics for an Arcane, 10 Ingots for the next rarity – but I can actually remember having to navigate in and out of the Inventory menu when trying to craft an extra Arcane(?) or two at one point to check how many more Runics (probably Yellow) I needed, and it could be nice to avoid that.


Lately when I don’t have strong feelings about a QoL update I support it.

It takes one click and some math out of your life. That’s why we built computers! :wink:

I’d like to add to this though:

I’d like troop current counts on that page too. I can’t remember which mythics I haven’t crafted, so I have to cross reference two completely different game UIs or use an outside tool to see a number the game could tell me.

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I’m on a console. It appears I can hit the “Y” button, and view my CURRENT inventory. I found it after I read your post! I thought "well, if they can do it on pc, there MUST be a way I can on console!

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If you’ve already got the troop it says so as you scroll through the forge troops on offer. Same for weapons. As far as arcanes go, it mainly comes down to celestial count. But I’ve very rarely crafted stones tbh. Only in the early days when landing a great troop perhaps.

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There has already been an update and you can see how much you own of the troop/resource you want to craft at the bottom (“You currently own 763 of this resource” in the example image). Especially useful for things like mythics.
That being said, OP’s idea would add a little drop of convenience, I’m for it.