Add a training dummy

How about a training dummy in which you first select your team and then select which of your other teams you would fight against with the game using its AI on your second team.

It would be a nice way to test out how well one of your teams would be played by the game for defensive purposes.

Oh, and also, have the payoff for glory instead of gold and souls. Wink wink.


Exactly my thoughts except for the costs. I think this training mode should be free but also not netting any rewards. I think this fits with the training aspect.

I probably would play this mode more than anything else :grin:


Yes, I agree, it’s a good idea but shouldn’t give any rewards, otherwise it would be really easy to abuse. Like using farming line-ups against 4 Fortress Gates for instance…


My thoughts exactly. It’d be a nice extra feature to have, but an exploit trap if it gave any reward.


It would really help nail down a good AI team, that’s for sure!!

Everything I “think” might be good for AI ends up winning only 5% of the time …


I wholeheartedly agree with this idea! Help us make teams we can target!