Active player looking to join a guild

Hey there!

Daily player looking to join a guild. Level 40-something, but I’m only low because I’m currently saving gems to get Dragon Armor, so most of my time is spent doing Treasure Hunt. Play for a couple hours a day, so I’m be able to contribute a decent amount each week.

Invite code is: Armada Corsair_jdue

Hope to hear from someone :slight_smile:

Hello Armada. We have a Guild that I think will suit you very well. Our name is Team Get Some and we currently have 4 members. 3 are active every day. We do alot of PvP, exploration, treasure map farming and what not. We arent really strict on anything. We are just looking for members to contribute gold now and then and help get our weekly guild seals up to open the good chests lol. I will send out an invite to you and if you would like to try us out that would be great!


Xbox GT - TGS Indy