Active contributing player looking for top guild



I am looking for an active guild that can help me get some keys and gems. I can contribute 60+ trophies per week or more if required same with gold. I play a lot as I play with my girlfriend and we switch so we play a lot recently :slight_smile:



Feel free to join Europe Force. Rather relaxing guild, and you play just like I do with my girlfriend :wink: Even similar number of trophies you earn!




what lvl is your guild ?


My lvl 33 french Guild would happy to count you in, we are now in the Top 200 with 7000+ trophies.
You can send me your invite code on the psn; hiruma9702.


Only 18 lvl, nothing to compare with the french guild above, sorry :slight_smile:


Hi if your still looking for a Guild your welcome to join Robin Puds Merry Men,we have 9 members just getting to 700 Trophies.Most of us play daily but there’s no rules just enjoy the game,if interested PSN Sir-Waylander your invite code.


Hey there did you find already a new guild,?
If not come to: Shining Force - many hands do easy work :slight_smile:
Hope that German words make sence in English :smiley: