Account glitched to level -1

I was like level 136 and I was playing a match that allowed the computer to summon allies. Played awhile and It seemed that I got enough xp to go up 2 levels at once. I guess the game didnt know how to handle this because it has me set to level -1 one and I cant rank up and cant even play PVP battles anymore. Also I noticied the enemy AI is dumb now and wont even use skulls to hit me, kind of like when you first started playing and did the tutorials. Now the game is completely ruined for me. Please someone needs to help me with resetting my account

Oddly enough, this has happened before:

If you contact the appropriate support, they should be able to help.

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Yep, contact support.

The only hero a level 1000 is truly afraid of is a level -1.

I sent them a message on the contact us page. Have a feeling it will be awhile to hear from them. I hope they can restore my account, and I guess I learned my lesson not to level up twice in one game

Wrong place. Go to the Support page and select “Submit a request” at the top. They are amazingly fast, my requests all got resolved within a single day.