Account problem account reset

Hello a guild member of us was level 1299 and now he is level 5 he has lost everything what is that he has nothing more than his account would be completely deleted please help

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same problem,waiting to @Cyrup

What are you waiting for?

Same issue with one of mine, was about to hit 1,100 & is now level 1 & will quit the game if it can’t be resolved!
Not good…

That’s why I hope that one of the support times reacts and tells us what that means

What is their level within the guild roster?
My guildies account on her PS4 is a level 1, but her actual account is still showing within the guild roster as the right one. Seems to be an access issue…

Hi @Mina1101, thank you for bringing this to our attention! Our support team is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it quickly. In the meantime, please ensure you have submitted a ticket to technical support. We will have your account restored to its previous level as soon as possible.


This is not my account but an account of a guild member of mine that’s what happened to him

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Ah, thank you for clarifying! Please pass that information along to your guildie, if possible :slight_smile:

yeah this just happened to me lastnight too I was level 1158… next thing i know Luther is giving me the tutorial again at level 1 . it did give me a new invite code though and my guild tells me that my previous account is still sitting in the guild. So i’m sure there is a way to get me back to that account.

its weird that this is happening to a lot of us at the same time. When I googled this someone else had a similar situation a while back .

I hope it gets resolved soon … but I’d also kinda like to know why it happens .

I also have this problem, I sent in a ticket to support so I hope it gets fixed for all of us very soon!

Always start with a ticket from the affected account. That will get your issue resolved the most quickly. Although the devs are seen here often, opening a ticket ensures their attention.

It looks like this happened to someone in october of last year.
I wonder what causes this.

Hey everyone! Thanks for your patience regarding this issue. :slight_smile:

Our server team sent out a fix for this within 2 hours of it occurring, so it shouldn’t be happening anymore as of 15 hours ago. However, if you are affected please be sure you’ve put in a ticket as Virginia suggested. We will get back to you all shortly, at this stage we are just confirming the best solution. Please note that your account progress is not completely lost, we store it on our servers, so we’ll just need to link you up again.


Thanks @Cyrup you’re the best !

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thank you for working on this

I greatly appreciate all you and your team’s help



We are currently working through the accounts and setting them up one at a time now. You will receive a response to your support ticket when the process is complete


Did you figure out why it happened ?

I am sincerely sorry that this issue occurred. The Gems of War development team fixed this issue from happening again less than 2 hours ago. The problem was caused by the incorrect datafiles getting sent to PlayStation Servers for the game.
The game team (and especially @CliffyA) has been working to manually link each account affected by the issue. If you reload Gems of War you should be placed into your correct account rather than the new Level 1 account that the game reset to. Please ensure you properly close - not just minimise - the game using the PlayStation button.
Compensation for this issue with be sent out by the game team (as opposed to from support) within a few hours to the players affected by the issue only.


my hero is back,thanks a lot :heart_eyes: