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A whole new category of bug

So… i was playing a battle while preparing to play a game of League of Legend, wich I do quite often, but when the application lost focus (during LoL’s loading screen) I came back to this screen :

If there was one thing new it’s that I also had a Discord web session.
Might be too thin informations to look into, but I guess it was worth reporting.

I don’t know if it counted as a loss since it was an explore battle.

This happens to me when the desktop undergoes a forced resolution change, for example, when I switch my monitor output to also connect to the TV or even using the in-engine fullscreen function for RPG Maker games. I’m not sure what changed for you this time, but this happens every single time under those conditions for as long as I’ve played. It appears to be an issue with the engine.

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Ooh you’re special :smiley:

It’s deliberate because the devs secretly hate LoL…


Apparently this was happening months ago but not particularly frequently. First happened to me maybe one month ago and I pointed it out then… I get it maybe once a week average now?

Its definitely a forced resolution change thing. League is the most common cause for me.

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Okay, well, I’ll keep that in mind, thanks for the infos.
It’s weird that I’ve never encountered that before since I often play between LoL games :o