Full screen woes

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Play the game and be able to resize it.
What are the steps to make it happen again?
Same issues never solved.
Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
I posted about this before but no aid had worked. If there is a way to make it not full screen that would be nice. Also here is a link to the old article. What we have here is a specific type of sizing issue. The game wanted me to super size it

I have absolutely no problem playing without fullscreen, even after resizing the window (resizing the width will also resize the height of the window though).

i am aware of that way to resize it but for some reason like in the topic i linked this way does not work at all. Also now i can’t even load the game up either. Also resizing using f11 does not work either.

Well, devs won’t be able to solve your issue if they can’t reproduce it :confused:

I’ve tried it myself and can’t see the bug you described on your original post :frowning:
Also, in my opinion, you shoulda revived your old thread instead of creating a new one :wink:

Ya i did not want to give anyone flash backs of my last necro thing. I hope they can isolate and fix it if they can find it.

That would be annoying. I switch back and forth just using the “Fullscreen” button in the settings menu. Good luck.

i cant even access that. qq has been open and the beach ball moves across the screen.n

Doesn’t give you the little gear icon on the right of the screen? May have to uninstall the program and re-install. Seems like a code error more than anything the devs can help with. I could be wrong though. Been known to happen from time to time.

Edit : Oh you can’t even get into the game. Yep try re-installation. Although you may have already done that.

This is after a uninstall reinstall. i tried all i could to avoid the “is it plugged in” embarrassment. I do have access to the game files though so it is something.

Most people on this forum have pretty decent computer skills so I try not to ask the noob questions. Unfortunately I don’t have anymore suggestions. Hope you get it sorted though.

Me too. who can we tag for this i know @Nimhain also please join the fray if possible.

showwing the beach ball moving across the screen. Is it a beach ball idk but that is what i am calling it.

If you go into the Settings Menu and select Full Screen tick box, does that change anything?

Try it with triple monitors…


I use two monitors. One is a TV and one is a monitor.
I use different resolutions.
Typically, I play Gems on my TV - monitor 1.
One day I wanted to watch Game of thrones on monitor 1 but play gems on monitor 2.

I just could not do it.

i use a laptop, works fine, and a desktop,not working fine. same resolution on both. I can’t get passed the loading screen so i can’t go to the in-game options menu. You see what the in-game loading screen looks like and does from the above pictures. Traveling bouncing beach ball.

I decided, to validate the files to see if their integrity was correct. 4 files failed to verify. The cache was messed up to the tune of 4 files and they are being/have been reacquired and i will see if this fixxes anything.

Edit: It was the game cache’s integrity that was damaged and that did indeed fix it. Not sure how it broke but you guys should know that it is working fine. Not sure which files they were that broke though. I can now buy from show, make it full screen and do everything i want to except hack the game. Pvp event here i go.

Nice job. Obviously your knowledge outstrips my own about computers because I wouldn’t have had a clue how to do that. Glad you sorted it out. :thumbsup:

It was another “was it plugged in” embarrassments. Works only on the steam version but well at least it works now.

Was having SAME ISSUE - THANK YOU!!! Ran validation & I can almost get to decent non-supersized resolution! My issue started with yesterday’s update - so probably others will have issue too.