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A random deck mode

I find that I tend to stick to using cards that I know will win. But I’d like to familiarize myself with the rest of my cards too! I was thinking that a timed mode would be cool. You could pay with gold to play this mode and the length of time you get to play would be determined by the amount of gold you pay. Then a 4-card team would be randomly generated from your deck. When one card dies it would be replaced by another card from your deck. This would be a good way to generate souls AND get to see and use the other cards in your deck.


I would love some sort of random mode too. I probably haven’t used half the troops I have.

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Oh so you think something like arena? Yeah there’s a mode like that already.

Arena lets you have a little control over what you get.

It doesn’t cover Epics, Legendaries and Mythics.

And it’s not chaotic enough :laughing:

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How 'bout giving this a try: Random Number Generator
^ Replace #### with the numbers generated. ^

Obviously not very streamlined, and if you get a troop number you don’t own you’ll have to roll again, but hey! Better than nothing, right?

Arena is kind of random, but the cards aren’t from your own stash. Plus, I suggested using more than 4 cards in a game. Once a card dies, it would immediately get replaced by another card in your deck. This would continue for a certain amount of time…or until you had gone through all the cards in your deck. This would a) be a soul generating process, b) a process by which to familiarize yourself more with your cards, and c) provide you with more of an incentive to upgrade cards you normally don’t use.

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I see what you’re trying to say, that I could just randomly create teams and utilize them myself. The problem with that is that the kingdoms get progressively harder and the cards you don’t usually use are crap. So it’s hard to get a benefit from using cards you don’t normally use. You just die. No progress is made. With the mode I suggested, souls would be generated, allowing you to upgrade your cards more often.

Hah. I love this idea. So here ya go!

To get one random troop:

To get a team of all random troops:

To get a team with only one or two random troops:


I was secretly kinda hoping you’d jump right on this! Your work speed is truly something to admire.

Also, @Tacet, I think there’s a new video idea here you should try out. :wink:

Has anyone told you that you’re the best, Lyya? Thank you very much.

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Yeah, thanks Lyya.
I tried a few “interesting” teams. Good fun.
Now if they could put a add-random-troop button in game next to the suggest-a-troop button…