A New Mythic Approaches - Plague

the Famine?

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I agree; Moloch’s random-stat reduction is fine since it’s a passive bonus, but I don’t personally like the randomness of troops that go after random stats as part of their spell effect.

I’m fairly sure the existing infrastructure prevents complex random chaining. I think it’d be fair for it to do guaranteed scaled-down true damage and guaranteed Disease only. After all, doesn’t his third trait do the stat attacks?

I rather prefer option #3: do nothing. If these changes are implemented, people will get used to playing it as such and the troop will never go back to the way it was originally designed.

Could i make a request that those in the top 100 please run the new mythic in their defence so some of us have a chance to face it please? Also what are some good defence or offence line-ups now that we know what this daemon can do?

Tacet already did a video.

1700 glory keys and 2300 gems later, nothing.

Let the grind for plague begin… ulgh… can’t wait.

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The grind will be more tedious with the next update. Less Keys and Gems for all. It shall be very interesting.

I feel your pain. I opened over 4,000 glory chests before getting one.

yes i know, i just want more teams ideas and i want to face against the new horseman. Triple plague valkyrie is a wtf did i just see team i saw. I want to face it.

The spell would already be weaker in terms of true damage than Crimson Bat, at a much higher cost. Disease all and minor true damage just doesn’t cut it as a justification for the huge cost. The whole point behind the troop is to cripple them by reducing their stats, which means spell should always significantly cripple at least a portion of the team, which means at least having an even chance of attack, magic, or both. Sure, looping with him in the back and fully traited is one way to lower stats, but I’m hoping for the spell to be at least worth casting as much as the other Horsemen. Without any stat lowering, 7-8 true damage and disease all would make the spell VERY bad for the cost, and even 13-14 true damage (assuming it gets buffed) and disease all is pretty unspectacular. I know from other troops that damage + steal a stat is possible, so I’m hoping that true damage and debuffing a stat is also possible, and fits the wasting theme, while still allowing him a way to kill.

My best other alternative would be just to leave him as he is now and wait until the next major version change to fix the life debuff on the spell and the ability for the third trait to cause lethal damage (though I would still prefer a more reliable way to hit attack/magic, like the single target change I proposed earlier). This seems better than the alternative of getting an even more random or watered down version of the spell and being stuck with it.

im scared guys :astonished:

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How’d it go? I’m trying your team out too!

Plague, Valk and two bats? I say Yes!

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I want to fight this,could someone tell me who is running this?, @dhjl could you perhaps hear my request of letting me battle that rare team, or when death comes out.

You could try casual mode and skip until you find someone.

Ya but i want someone i could fight all the time when ever i want.

Used 2250 gems and Plague was received from one of 50 VIP chests… lot of purple cards, but was quite pleased to see Plague drop.

I don’t like the idea of guild glory and gems changing… what I enjoy about this game is casual, set a goal, collect em all after building up resources, and guild helps tremendously as we feed off of each others’ contributions. Week one of released cards are doable right now… not exactly easy, but doable. I really don’t like the idea of that getting harder / more time consuming.

Not dooming and glooming by any stretch, just hope the devs are concious of an already very committed effort to ‘stay current’. Hope whatever they change with guild tasks, that ‘staying current’ is still reasonably feasible.

Looking forward to 2.0.1 and beyond.

Was there ever any verdict on how Plague’s ability is going to be fixed? I didn’t see him listed in the 2.0.1 patch notes.

At the moment we are leaving Plague’s spell as it is. Unfortunately the fix for his spell missed going into the 2.0.1, we will try to get it into next week’s bug fix update.

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Omg they changed plague to a dual troop.

Not just Plague

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