A New Mythic Approaches - Mambasira

New Mythic Troop: Mambasira

Mambasira will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

Well, 648 Glory chests opened with keys, and then about 75000 Glory spent - got 1 Mamba finally.

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4,901 glory keys
1,800 gem keys

for 1. Not one of my better outings.

To me, everything about Mambasira screams rushed. Sub-par spell (I’m still saying Lasher does basically the same thing for 12 mana) and mediocre traits. The 3rd trait doesn’t even work well with its own spell. Even the lore feels incredibly rushed…

The worst thing is that now that its out, we’ll be lucky to see any adjustments within the next year, let alone ever. It works, move on to the next troop is probably the thought process.

Compare that lore to Zilopochtli:

At least there, they tried to make Zilopochtli sound cooler than it was…


Exactly my feelings.


Thank god she only cost me 6,000 seals, cause she is bad. I mean real bad, Easily the worst Mythic of the year. In the current state of the game she does nowhere near enough damage Mid- Late game to be just a “pure damage focused mythic”. Maybe if she had Some splash damage or even Light splash damage she would be a whole lot better. But with her weak damage, Zero board control, and basically zero utility, I see no reason to use her.

Trust me SAVE YOUR KEYS she is not worth it


And the spell animation is sooo slow and weak.



Yeah I planned on skipping this one completely since about two weeks ago when I first saw the spell description and traits. The artwork being horrendous only made my decision that much easier.

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I see potential for it but only when I get nysha medals. Luckily I got it very cheap. On the display cabinet it goes for the foreseeable future.

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If anyone is curious what the base formula for Mambasira is, it is:

Mambasira does:
Deal (half) - [(Magic x 1.25) + 2] damage to 6 random Enemies.

half and magic x 1.25 are rounded down.


After some obligatory testing, it can do good things when the battle is almost over from other useful troops, but it’s just not going to do good things otherwise.


I just did a similar thing after the generally negative responses, since I like to give the underdog a fair go, and found essentially the same thing.

By the time she did something useful, the battle was pretty much already won anyway, and a different troop could probably have done it more quickly.

Maybe in time a team will crop up or some other troops will appear to better synergise with her, but for now I doubt she’ll get much use from me.


Huh, interesting troop but I can’t see it becoming a powerhouse.

The ability gets better if you’ve killed 2 other troops. By then she’s also helped you gain a lot of stats. The problem is my Magic mentors call this a “win more” situation: you have to already be winning for her to shine and just about any troop is good in that situation.

This just isn’t a game that rewards you for waiting out those stat boosts. You hurt your rewards per unit time if you wait for it. There is another game that rewards defensive play and she’s a lot better in that game.

C? C+? Not a bad first mythic. Not a good one either.


7400 glory keys. Probably more than she’s worth — why are the bad ones always what cost me most? :laughing:

She could have been much more devastating if each hit had a 50% chance of being true and/or a 50% chance of having splash damage. Like her two heads couldn’t make up their minds which she wanted or something :man_shrugging:


Maybe if it applied Curse and Bleed to all enemies hit it would be interesting…

2110 guild keys (that’s 42,200 seals) and 755 gem keys to get this mythic. Extremely costly…

Mythic Name Guild Keys Gem Keys Glory Keys Date
Mistralus 310 449 609 3-Apr
Zilopochtli 793 1-May
Sycorax 66 5-Jun
Lord of Slaughter 664 3-Jul
Amarok 518 7-Aug
Mambasira 2110 755 4-Sep

With the release of Mambasira comes the FIRST power level 20 kingdom, Mist of Scales!



I feel the only redeeming thing is that it only took 100 gem keys. Otherwise - I somehow suspect that this troop is the worst of “give +1 stats to all colour” bunch, even poorer than Will of Nysha or Champion of Gaard (which, in itself, says much about overall utility).


2000 glory keys and 400 gem keys.

My 4th batch of 1k seals pulled a triple. Global chat said it was my punishment for bumping old threads.

At least it got my Mist of Scales from 9 stars to 14. Assassin class 34/40.

Be advised: I will bump every thread in this forum the next time Merlantis, Sin of Maraj, and Drifting Sands are eligible for event key Mythics, as I seek 4 of a kinds. Last of my 9 star Kingdoms, not including Urskaya (Week 10).

NB: Earlier in the day, I had used 117 Gem and 912 Glory keys to no avail. Perhaps I was punished for doubting the Horde would hit 40k seals. Rngesus be like that sometimes.


this is my 4th or 5th month of not getting mythic through seals :joy: i wish my seals can give me mythics again…

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Oh my god… you used 4000 seals and got THREE copies of the new mythic. I had to use 42,200 seals and then another 755 gem keys to get ONE.

This game man.


You get it and try to make a team including it . Conclusion- INSIPID MYTHIC.