A New Mythic Approaches - Jotnar Stormshield

Looks like it’s fixed. :slight_smile:

You had to show that it’s fixed with a victory. :smile:

It’s beginning to seem like you prefer really hard counters. What you’ve designed there not only counters a particular effect, but actively punishes the enemy for having it.

Hard counters do incentivize specialty teams, but they also place a lot of value on specific troops, which will only get harder for an average player to acquire and ascend as new troops are added and the pool grows. It also makes it clear that there’s a single, intentional, optimal solution to each particular enemy team, rather than a variety of equally viable counters. If counters are too hard, they take the thought out of team building, and make switching teams a mindless but necessary activity, rather than an engaging one.


“Single optimal solution” and “variety of equally viable counters” are not mutually exclusive. In fact, it’s not even a bad thing to have a larger pool of viable counters that are perfectly functional alternatives that you can use until you eventually get the “ideal” counter.

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400 gem keys and 5,000 gems later… I did successfully pull this mythic.

Should I have spent so much? Probably will bite me in the long run… took forever to built that stockpile :stuck_out_tongue:


Disagree. As Spherix said, you would just use the optimal counter instead of the others. There should never be one troop that counters pretty much everything in GoW. As much as one team should never be the answer to anything. We should all want useful cards, not singular optimal cards.

What’s the point of having 20 optimal cards, and 37,000 useless cards?


I am happy for you, Mekkalyn. :slight_smile:

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You would just use the optimal counter if you had it, sure. When the optimal counter is a base mythic, the reality is that the overwhelming majority people simply won’t have it - but it’s something for them to hope for and incentive to buy chests! And in the meantime, there’s that assortment of other viable counters to use.

Does anyone have any ideas of a good build with the new mythic?

You could try: Jarl-Hell Cat-Jotnar-Kraken. :slight_smile:


Perhaps Mythic being the only exception, but Mythic was never mentioned here. That also puts too much reliance on Mythic troops. As you said there’s no guarantee for most people to get them. With the way they are now, I don’t mind not having them.

What you’re describing is pretty much the way the game is NOW. Which is why we have so many threads asking for cards to be buffed, because most troops are sub-optimal. We have 10 or so “All-star” troops, and everything else is cannon fodder. :sweat_smile:


Also a good supporter with his Mythic trait to have in the 4th spot, if you are happy with the 3 other troops, just to cast around random Barriers. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’m saying I don’t mind the way the game is now. I mean…I started with whatever I had, slowly built up a few synergistic teams, eventually had more options for dealing with different threats, and now I have “S-rank” teams for specific purposes. Isn’t that exactly how this is supposed to work?

That would really hurt diversity at the endgame, however, where players tend to have all the options, except for some of the base mythics. If one option seems to even barely have better chances on defense, it floods PvP. The ability to switch between a variety of teams that can equally counter endgame defenses is basically the only relief from the monotony, and If there was a single best option that was far and away better than any other at beating the best defense, people would feel strongly pressured to use it.

People tend to categorize options as either “best” or “garbage”. Truth doesn’t necessarily matter as much as perception, and perception is key to keeping the game engaging. Invisible depth doesn’t drive retention.


Thank you! I wouldn’t have thought of that combo. It’s fun! It’d be better if I had mythics third trait… but I’m more than a few blades short :stuck_out_tongue:

At least the play of it is fun though.

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I don’t fully mind the way the game is now either except when they give 1 card too much power. It hurts diversity. Which is the route they’re currently on right now.

I’m not saying it’s right or wrong so to speak. Every week they release new troops and have people telling them “too weak” or “too strong.” So they’re getting pulled in different ways, but there should be a clear path forward. Having cards that are essentially a “jack of all trades” isn’t a good idea. Maybe it makes money, but that’s about it.

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Jarl, Valk, Jot, Sea Troll

is the first thing I thought of. Didn’t try them… don’t even have the troop!

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Hey. Perhaps. The devs have often shown they like hard counters too. What else would you do?

These aren’t much different to colour-hoses (Amira, Desdaemona, etc). I’d argue the impact of the counter had to be noticeable to be worth using. The Barrier one: if it just removed the Barrier, it may as well be written ‘bypass Barrier’, which isn’t really worth doing. Just kicking around ideas. Look how devs did Spirit Fox.

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This guy seems like he’s going to be incredibly obnoxious. If not a nerf to that third trait, I think what’s needed are troops that deal 2 waves of damage to all troops as well as a new status effect that blocks all other (positive) status effects.