A New Mythic Approaches - Jotnar Stormshield

Got it! Joking, of course i didnt xD


except it also seem to happen when he’s not traited.

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I would be disappointed if no one posted this meme :smiley:

700 gem chest and no luck.

¯_(ツ)_/¯ ?

Next we need a purpose-built Barrier counter troop. Like:

Legendary Adana Mech Blue/Brown
Art/theme: obviously a big steampunky submarine, with guns, fins and a big torpedo tube
Spell: Torpedo cost [tbc] mana
Deal [magic+lots] damage to a target enemy and remove all blue gems to boost the damage (1:1). If the enemy has a Barrier, remove it before dealing damage, and deal triple normal damage.
Traits: Mech Bond, Thick Headed
3rd trait: Submerge: Cannot be targeted by enemy spells (like Stealthy) and takes half damage from enemy spells, end this effect once the troop casts its spell, or is hit by an enemy attack.
Pun text: It’s not yellow… Yet…

While we are at it, how about a fun counter to Enchant:

Ultra Rare Pan’s Vale Wildfolk Knight Red/Yellow
Art/theme: armoured satyr knight with long double-ended polearm
Spell: Valediction cost [tbc] mana
Deal [magic+tbc] damage to a target enemy. If the enemy has Enchant, remove that effect and this troop gains Enchant, and deal double damage.
Traits: Nature Brand, Reinforced, Holy Armour
Pun text: tbc, @sirrian do your worst

Ah, design-a-troop we miss you…

To any lawyers or publishers reading, I hereby unconditionally transfer any intellectual property rights, and/or monetary gain, to whomsoever owns the intellectual property rights relating to these ideas to the Gems Of War game (presumably 505 Games). Now please just do these. @sirrian?


I am also getting errors every time I use Jotnar. And when I do make it through a match I have to force close the game to get around the last error.

I have another question. I have never used a troop that produces barriers before. While playing with Jotnar I noticed that after all 4 of my troops had a barrier that two of them had flashing barriers and two didnt.

Is there any difference between flashing or not, and if not whats the deal there?

myrmidon is kind of mermaid/salamander thing i think rather merfolk then satyr? but i like your designs :grin:

If a Jothar defense meta starts becoming a thing, I could see Webspinner returning as a somewhat effective barrier remover.


How is Webspinner effective as a barrier remover? If anything, Infernal King should get the title.

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If anyone, kraken should get the title.


If anyone, Dokkalfar should get the title.

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I was thinking the poison all troops. Unless it’s cleansed it’ll stick around and continually ping away those barriers.

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Does poison remove barrier. That could be an effective counter since poison can’t even be cleansed.

Poison only triggers 50% of the time, that’s not very reliable. If you go that route Burn is better.
Also, poison will pop the barrier at the start of the enemy turn. If they get any barriers at that turn, it will stay when your turn come. It is also useless against Impervious enemies.

For a barrier remover to work properly, you need to keep the turn right after the barrier was popped. Infernal King is great for that because it does split damage before his main damage (creating skulls) so that doesn’t get blocked. He is also very easy to ensure an extra turn with, because he does double transform. Kraken (that I admittedly forgot about) is also very good because he will pop all barriers when you match 4/5 (which once again keeps the turn).


Once again another mythic not received. :ok_hand:t3:


Dat spell seem a bit OP doe? :0

Hey Guys,

We’re taking a look into the Lost Connection Error at the moment.


Looks like a sound file for Jotnar didn’t deploy correctly. If you close the game and restart you should get an update with the file correctly deployed now.

(Steam players may need to close Steam to get the download).


Can confirm that it is fixed. I closed steam and installed the update and everything is working as intended.

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